Buying property in Hungary. Residence permit in Hungary when buying real estate

Dear Clients! The information is aimed at people who are planning to purchase real estate with the possibility of obtaining a residence permit in Hungary.

We offer assistance in legal obtaining a residence permit by purchasing real estate and opening a company for doing business. Assistance is provided in the west of Hungary near the Austrian border, in the area of ​​Szombathely, Sopron, Keseg. This process is transparent and absolutely legal. It takes place under the supervision of the lawyer Dr. Ori-Horvath Andrea and consultants, which ensures achievement of the guaranteed result.

The process takes 3.5 months and occurs in three main stages:
Acquisition of real estate;
Submitting documents to the Hungarian consulate in the country of permanent residence for obtaining a visa "D";
Receipt in Hungary of a residence permit (card).
The advantage of this proposal is the simplicity,
reliability, speed and convenience of the services provided and the absence of language barriers.

 Why Hungary?

Low levels of crime;
Mild climate and beautiful ecology;
Relatively low prices for real estate;
World-famous resorts with thermal and mineral springs;
Reliable medicine;
Social support of the state;
Travel through Schengen countries without visas;
Possibility of obtaining permanent residence and citizenship of Hungary.
Status of the EU resident
Hungary is a country of the European Union, therefore, being a resident of Hungary means having an EU resident status and living in accordance with European values.
Life in countries where human rights are the highest value of the state;
Confidence in qualified medical care;
Tranquility for the safety of your loved ones;
European education for children;
Business development without the fear of its forced "sale."
Acquisition of real estate in Hungary for Ukrainians
· Unlike most European countries, in Hungary foreigners can buy real estate directly, as a private person without registering companies.
· Hungary does not provide for the minimum value of a real estate transaction, which may give grounds for obtaining a residence permit in Hungary when buying real estate. As well as there are no restrictions on the number of acquired objects.
· You can rent out the purchased property and earn income legally, other than the one used for your residence.
Protection against fraud when buying real estate and obtaining a residence permit in Hungary
In Hungary, all real estate transactions are made only with the participation of lawyers. In addition to documenting all stages of the transaction, they conduct an audit of the purchased object, which additionally guarantees transparency of the transaction.
Our priority is Western Hungary

 Western Hungary - the area (copper) Vas (Vas), Gyor-Moson-Sopron (Győr-Moson-Sopron). They are bordered by Austria, Slovenia and Slovakia.
In Western Hungary, one of the most ancient cities of the country - Szombathely, which is of historical and cultural value, is located.
The distance from Szombathely to Vienna is 120 km along the chic avenue, from Szombathely to Bratislava -164 km, from Szombathely to Budapest -220 km.
From Kiev to Budapest, Bratislava fly low-costers and the cost of tickets starts from 589 UAH. one way.
From Budapest you will reach Sommathely by express for 2.5 hours for only 13 euros.
Almost on the border with Austria are the cities of Köseg and Sopron. This region is attractive to the proximity to Austria, in particular to Vienna and lower real estate prices, compared to other regions.
In the area of ​​your location are the world-famous thermal resorts Bük, Sarvar, where people from all over Europe come to improve their health.
How can we be useful when buying a property and obtaining the status of residence permit in Hungary?
We help our clients not only get the status of a resident, but also provide support for adaptation in a foreign country.
We have taken reliable partners in various fields, including real estate agencies and lawyers.
We work through proven (licensed) lawyers in Hungary, with whom not one dozen transactions have been conducted.

The residence permit may be issued for the purposes of study or work, on the basis of family ties, of Hungarian origin, when marrying Hungarian citizens, or foreigners who have permanent residence.
Advantages for issuing permits are: the availability of your business in Hungary, retirement age, treatment or purchase of real estate. The basis is the law of Hungary.
In Section IV, paragraph 33, it says:
A residence permit or a national permanent residence permit in the EU has the right to obtain citizens of third countries:
A) those with housing in Hungary and their means of subsistence
B) medical insurance
A) real estate (original passport of the owner of the property), an extract from the bank account (required minimum ~ 5 thousand euros per year per person).
B) an insurance policy based on a one-year stay (a standard insurance policy for traveling abroad).

To obtain residence permits, there is no financial restriction on the value of real estate.
When buying a property to obtain residence permits, there is no minimum financial limit for its value. After obtaining a residence permit, a foreigner can live and freely move around Hungary, to other countries of the Schengen agreement and not only. Has the right to medical insurance, training, opening of own business and purchase of motor transport. Purchased property can be rented out if desired.
Permanent residence and citizenship
The status of permanent residence in Hungary can be obtained after 5 years. With a permanent residence a foreigner automatically receives all social benefits enjoyed by Hungarian citizens. You do not need to take the Hungarian language exam. Application for citizenship can be submitted after 8 years of residence in Hungary. Anyone who lives outside the country must apply to the Hungarian consulate in the country of residence.
To obtain the status of a Hungarian citizen, there is a need for no criminal record, a document confirming the availability of housing and the successful passing of an examination in civil law, which takes place in Hungarian.

Services and prices
Full range of legal and additional services for the transaction: preparation and maintenance of all necessary documents up to the status of residence permit, assistance in re-issuing utility services in your name, assistance in opening a bank account (if you wish), the possibility of purchasing real estate remotely.
The cost of the full package of services includes: payment of necessary fees and payments, preparation of documents. The number of owners or the number of family members per property being acquired does not matter and is 5% (2% legal registration and 3% commission on the value of real estate), but not less than 4,500 euros. Payment takes place in two stages: 50% upon signing the purchase contract and 50% after the receipt of the visa "D".
If necessary, for a small fee, we assist in the purchase of a car and the replacement of a driver's license for a European-style certificate without re-exams.
Assistant consultant
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