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Brief information about the country

Official name: The United Kingdom of Great Britain And Northern Ireland.

Locaton: the state is located in the north-west of Europe. It occupies the great Britain island ( England , Scotland and Wales ) and a part of Ireland. In the north and west it is washed by the Atlantic ocean, in the east – by the North sea , in the north it is separated from the continent by the English channel.

Capital city: London

The area: 244 820 sq.m.
Big cities: Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Sheffield, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Belfast, Cardiff.

Resorts: Bath, Cheltenham and Weston – Super – Mer - sea resorts with mineral springs. Lamingto , Llandrindod, Built , Planarity ,Harrogate and Buxton -are famous balneal resorts.

Population: 60,5 mln. ( end of 2006 ). Ethnical groups of Britain: the English - 81,5%, the Scots - 9,6%, The Irish - 2,4%, the Welsh - 1,9%, the Ulster -1,8%, as well as the Indians, Pakistanis, Chinese, Arabs, Africans – 2,8%.

Climate: semi-ocean, mild and wet. The coldest month – January ( +2С ; +7С), the warmest - July +11С +17С).

The state language: English; in Scotland – Scotch dialect, in the Northern Ireland - Irish , in Wales – Welsh.

Political Structure: Great Britain – is a Constitutional Monarchy with the Queen at the head. The legislature - is a 2-chamber Parliament ( The chamber of commons and the chamber of lords). The prime-minister is at the head of the government. Since the 27th of June 2007 – the prime minister of great Britain is Gordon Brown.

Great Britain - is a member of U.N.O. starting 1945. It is a member of The Council of Europe and NATO since 1949 , EU - since 1973. Great Britain is still out of The Schengen zone.

Currency: British Pound (10 GBP = 20.0240 USD , July 2007)

Time zone: 3 hours behind the Moscow time.

How to get there: there are regular direct flights between Moscow and London , by three major companies: «Аeroflot», «Тransaero» and British Airways. «Аeroflot» и British Airways are flying from Sheremetievo to Heathrow several times a day . «Тransaero» is flying from Domodedovo to Gatwick and Edinburgh.
Religion: Around 87% of the believers - orthodox. 57% – belong to the Anglican church.

January 1: New Year
March 17 : St. Patrick’s day in the northern Ireland
The second Saturday of June : The Queen’s birthday (official )
December 25th : Christmas
Map of UK

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