Duties of owners, maintenance of real estate in the UAE

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The UAE has no taxes on any profits of the enterprise, not individual income - which means that there is no attempt to hide their earnings. There is no annual property tax. Although the complete absence of tax payments, of course, can not speak. But their system is very understandable and convenient for people. In a country completely absent corruption: none Sheikh will not tolerate the fact that his subjects take bribes.

At the moment there is a tax that is paid to the Land Department upon registration of property.

In Dubai, there is no tax on corporations. The only exception is the company's oil industry and branches of foreign banks.

There is no foreign exchange controls, quotas or trade barriers. Dirham is freely convertible into any currency and is bound by its value to the U.S. dollar. Direct taxation is contrary to the traditions of the UAE, so its introduction in the near future is not impossible.

In Dubai there are no following taxes:
• VAT;
• tax on the acquisition of landed property;
• land tax;
• Property tax;
• VAT;
• Tax on profits from sale;
• Tax dwelling;
• property tax movement;
• inheritance tax.

The cost of real estate

Payment of water and electricity is produced at the expense of the municipal organization in Dubai DEWA. Payment of service facilities for public use in areas made at the expense of the management company and depends on the type of housing acquisition.

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