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The annual tax on real estate in Turkey is for residential properties 0,2% of the value given in Tapu, Commercial - 0,4%.

Public services in Turkey are paid once a month or two on the counter. 1 kW • h electricity costs ? 0,6-0,11, 1 cube. meters of water - ? 0,32-0,87, vosmilitrovy bottle imported gas - ? 12-15. You can pay utility bills by bank transfer. You can negotiate with the companies providing these services, the automatic cancellation of the appropriate amount from the account at the bank.

Around ? 200 a year will cost the voluntary insurance for a house or flat from accidents and natural disasters.

Minute of conversation on the city phone costs around ? 0,04, mobile - from ? 0,01 to Turkey and up to ? 0,3 in Russia. In Turkey, there is a state monopoly on the Internet - ADSL at speeds of 54 kb / s worth ? 15,6.

Living costs

Food in Turkey are relatively inexpensive. A kilogram of meat costs from ? 2 to ? 8, fish - from ? 5 to ? 12, cheese - about ? 1,5, tomatoes - about ? 0,5, potatoes - about ? 0,4, strawberries - ? 1-2, loaf of bread (250 grams) - about ? 0,13, a pack of cigarettes - about ? 3.

Most of the population is purchased in supermarkets (the largest network - Migros Turk). Also, all cities are covered food markets. Turkey accepted to haggle with sellers - both the markets and in stores (except food).

In cafes and restaurants offering dishes such as traditional Turkish and European cuisine. Average price dinner is about ? 10. For service to tip.

The most popular forms of transport in Turkey - buses and taxis. We develop a network of long distance traffic between major settlements. Fare - from ? 1,5 to ? 3,5 per 100 km.

You can rent a car. To do this, you must be over 21 years and have a passport and driver's license. Price - about ? 30 per day. Liter of gasoline will cost ? 1,35.

The fare is calculated on the taxi meter and is about ? 1 for 1 km, at night - twice as much.

Trains in Turkey play a secondary role, despite the fact that the railways connect many cities in the country. Riding on the train for longer than a bus. Between Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir cruising speed trains of high comfort, a ticket which is slightly more expensive than the bus. For students and married couples are 20 per cent discount on rail tickets.

In Istanbul, there is Subway, consisting of three non-intersecting lines between them. The smallest line - "T?nel" - consists of only two stations and a small funicular railway connecting Karakoy and Beyoglu districts. City Center is connected to the western outskirts of a monorail line, full-fledged branch subway connects the central and northern areas. The cost of tokens - around ? 0,3.


Due to the popularity of Turkey among tourists renting the property brings a stable income. Surrendering a house or apartment, you can fully cover the costs of the facility, and in large cities - and the interest on a mortgage.

Rent prices vary by region and district. Average cost of renting an apartment 60 square. m in the center of Istanbul is about ? 400 per month. Cyprus villas for rent in the resort of the Mediterranean coast can be roughly ? 800 per month (if the furniture is from ? 2,500).

Residential Seller can search both independently and through agencies. Often the vendor is engaged in finding tenants for their customers.

The relationship of housing and landlord tenant are governed by the contract, where all the rights and obligations of the parties. Typically, tenant pay a deposit in the amount of monthly payment, which is subject to the preservation of the property is returned at the end of the period.

Turkish legislation is aimed at supporting the tenant. If the tenant timely pays the price, then upon the expiration of the contract is automatically extended for another year. Landlord is obliged to notify about the increasing cost of rent at least a month. If the tenant does not agree with the changes, this issue is resolved in court.

Income from renting the property is taxed at 18%. Typically, it is transferred by wire transfer to the account of the tax inspectorate.

Management companies

Property management services in Turkey usually offer agencies themselves. This includes cleaning, care for the object, as well as finding tenants. To date, there are projects where the developer together with the management company guarantees delivery of your property for several years.

The cost of administering the company is about ? 350-400 per year. Calculations of the most convenient way to bank transfers.

Sell Property

Sell a property in Turkey can both independently and by contacting the agency. When selling a tax on profits of 18%, which is paid in cash to the state authorities.

Services agent in the sale of real estate make up 6% of the value of the transaction and paid equally by the seller and the buyer. You can apply both to the Turkish agents, as well as to Russia's companies, collaborating with partners from Turkey.

Registration entity

Today in Turkey there are three legal forms of ownership, which may be part of foreign capital (including 100%): joint stock companies, limited liability companies, private business activities. To the company could work, every foreign worker must have a work permit, it gives the Ministry of Labor.

The form of joint stock companies most often used for large companies in the industrial sphere, where required significant investment and attract a large number of shareholders. The advantages of limited liability companies - the relative ease of registration, low administrative costs, the freedom to refocus the scope of activities. This form of ownership is best suited for trade and services.

When you create a LLC (Ltd, Sti) to define the scope and employ a minimum of two employees. The registration procedure takes from 4 to 10 days depending on how fast works as an accountant (in Turkish companies registered accountants). The size of the fee is about ? 1,5 thousand

To register, AO (AS) with the participation of foreign capital requires permission from the General Directorate of Foreign Investment Secretariat for the Treasury Office of the Prime Minister of the Turkish Republic. Management has the branch structure: each of its four divisions engaged in matters relating to investments in certain sectors of the Turkish economy, respectively, to make a request for authorization to the department, the appropriate scope of the activities of the firm.

To register in Turkey as a private entrepreneur, the alien is necessary to issue a lease or purchase office space and provide the police a copy of the passport and photos. PE Registration takes about three days, one-time cost of about ? 350 plus the cost of renting office.

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