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Throughout the country, operates a so-called "law of Frederick, which prohibits foreigners without residence permits, acquire real estate in Switzerland. On the other hand, the cantons (states) have the right to authorize such acquisitions in certain areas, if the buyer meets certain criteria.

In each of them set their own laws and regulations regarding foreigners, has its own limitations, ranging from a complete ban on foreigners buying real estate and ending their involvement, and therefore favorable terms of real estate purchase. For example, in Geneva, Zurich, Lausanne, buy real estate is prohibited. In some cantons are allowed to acquire real estate, but with restrictions on its use and the amount of time spent there. Most authorities have attracted foreigners in small towns or resort areas. Some cantons grant a right to lease land for a term not exceeding 6 months during the year.

Another factor affecting the right to purchase real estate is a residence permit. There are several categories of residence permit, depending on which one has the right to acquire real estate or not.

The ratio of foreigners from EU countries are much better than the Russians or citizens of the former USSR.

As in many European countries, limiting the right of foreigners to buy residential real estate, Switzerland gives the opportunity to purchase square meters for the registered company - a legal entity. Registration fee can be up to $ 15 thousand minimum authorized capital of the company shall be $ 35 thousand, the same amount formally declare and confirm a bank guarantee. All financial transactions must be carried out by the Swiss banks. Hence there are additional restrictions on the source of capital. Approximately 10-20% of the price will be spent on real estate registration in the Land House and mandatory state fee.

Even if the acquired property will have a minimum price ($ 200 thousand), the cost of its maintenance would amount to about $ 25 thousand in this figure includes the salaries of directors, accountants, the annual fee for renewal of registered office and rental office.

Switzerland is particularly kind to people over 55 years. While claiming to be buying real estate at that age, the foreigner is obliged to declare a declarative manner personal annual income of not less than 100 thousand Swiss francs (about $ 77 thousand). From this amount is paid at the same time 35% tax.

Payment takes place in several stages in equal portions. The size of the acquired area is limited: even those with residence permit foreigner can not acquire residential property greater than 3 sq m.

Costs for the purchase of real estate in Switzerland

In each canton set their own taxes and fees when buying property. Below are the ranges of these variables.

Tax on transfer of real estate - 0,2-3,30% of property value paid by the buyer. From 1 January 2005, this tax repealed in Zurich.

The fee for registration of real estate - 0,25% of property value paid by the buyer in the Land Register Authority (registration authority).

Notary Fee - 0,02-1% of property value plus VAT equal to 7.6% paid by the buyer

Fee real estate agent - 3.5% of property value plus VAT equal to 7,6%, paid by the buyer


For Russian citizens in Switzerland, it is possible to obtain a loan to purchase property through one of the local banks. Mortgage interest is the national average of 3,75% to 4,5%, depending on the type of property (commercial or residential). Typically, credit is given for a period of 2 to 10 years. The amount of credit to foreign buyers of real estate is typically 50-60% of the cost, each case is considered individually Bank.


The surest way to resettlement in Switzerland today is to register your own company. Although it is quite expensive.
Everyone has the right to register your company in Switzerland, to work in it, get a residence permit. Then, in the long run to get permanent residency after 10 years of age and citizenship after 12 years of residence in the country.

Already having permanent residence in Switzerland or a residence permit and work, you can, with some exceptions, to use the basic economic rights on a par with the Swiss citizens. And it opened the Swiss company, to participate in such enterprises as shareholders and owners, to establish branches and administer.

Not having permission to stay and work in Switzerland, you can also create your own Swiss company, but their management must involve Swiss residents. There is no need to Swiss citizens have the majority or some of the stocks (shares) of the enterprise.

The need to involve the management of local residents was caused only by the fact that without a residence permit and the relevant work permits a foreigner has no right to work in Switzerland and, therefore, hold any position of control in Swiss companies (even their own). Once registered, companies can apply for a work permit in Switzerland and, in case the consent of the authorities responsible for managing the company itself.

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