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Property owners in Spain need to know what taxes they should pay under the law of the country, how much it cost the utility payments and life in the country - food, transport and communications.

In Spain, one of the most favorable conditions for the delivery of real estate, but it is important to take into account the subtleties in the preparation of the contract between the tenant and the owner of regulating the relationship of the parties. If you can not long stay in the country appropriate to conclude an agreement with the management company for the maintenance of the facility and search for potential tenants. However, resale property, there are some "pitfalls" associated with the tax laws, which are also important to consider.

Taxes, payments, utility payments

Real estate tax per year is 0,5-2% of the cadastral value of the property, which is about 10-15 times less than the market.

Residents of apartments with a collective area (total stairway, basement, yard) will have to pay ? 300-500 per year for utilities. For individual houses, this amount depends on the degree of urbanization (garbage collection, security, cleaning adjacent areas, lighting of roads) and is a year from ? 300 to ? 800.

Weekly gardener's work will cost the owner of an individual house in the ? 80-200 per month (depending on the size of the area), cleaning the pool (once per week) - to ? 50-120 per month, cleaning the house - in the ? 7-10 per hour.

Payment for water and electricity - on the counter. The subscription fee for water services is about ? 15 of electricity - ? 15,84 per quarter, these payments are made, even if the house nobody lives.

For phone and internet (ADSL) will pay approximately ? 39 per month. Satellite dish with all of Russia's channels costs about ? 120 per year.

Insurance cost depends on the value of real estate assets: ? 20 thousand for it, for example, is ? 350 per year. As for maintenance, the experts advise to aim at ? 80-500 per month, depending on the size of the residential complex and the list of services. It usually includes the services of gardeners, security, maintenance of the pool, other facilities (tennis court, sauna, gym, underground parking and so forth). It also includes amortization of real estate and facilities management company.

Meals and transport in Spain

The cost of food in Spain remains relatively low compared with other European countries, as well as major cities in Russia and other CIS cities, despite high inflation in recent years.

Spain is among the top ten countries in catching and processing of marine fish. From agriculture especially crop production. So here is relatively cheap fish and seafood, fruits and vegetables. Meat and milk are imported into Spain. Therefore, the price of meat is high enough, except for poultry. But dairy products are cheaper than in Russia: milk 3,5% fat-term costs ? 0,65 per liter.

Spain - one of the world's leading producers of wine. Large selection of red, white, sparkling wine is combined with very reasonable prices.

In the cafe you can eat for two for ? 12-17 - with two glasses of wine. The restaurant is so much one dish. Portions always great - you can take the main dish and salad for two. Room service is included in the price of meals, but to tip at a rate of 5% to 10% of the total bill as thanks for service.

Cheaper than the European average, costs, and Spanish operations. The cost of car rental is ? 30-35 per day.

Cost and method of payment for a taxi in Spain depend on the city. In Barcelona, they are working on the counter. Planting costs about ? 2. Further payment depends on two factors - time and mileage. Mileage costs an average of 80 cents per kilometer. Last minute stop may take another 25 cents, which may be significantly during peak hours.

Madrid taxi fee is calculated not on the counter, and on the price list, which indicates the cost of mileage and additional services. When you leave certain areas of tariff increases, as the taxi driver is obliged to warn passengers.

The Spanish resorts of payment is usually made in accordance with the meter reading. In the night hours, weekends and on holidays higher rate. For trips outside the city must pay and the return journey.

The most convenient and cheapest mode of transport in Spain - train. Tickets can be purchased either in cash at the station, or in the train. It is cheaper to buy in the checkout at both ends at once.


Real estate demand throughout the year on the coast and in resort areas, as well as in major cities such as Madrid. Prices vary depending on the type of property, season and location. The average price for the flat area of 55 square. m is ? 820 (from ? 510 to ? 2 130 in the tourist season). Long-term rental would be cheaper: at ? 700-750 per month with a fixed payment regardless of the season.

Checked property must be registered with the Ministry of Tourism. Must file a tax return for retention in the local budget. Now the authorities are tightening control over the rental market, as a growing number of homeowners evading tax to the property property, constituting 25% of the rent. Penalty for illegal delivery of real estate now stands at ? 30 thousand

Find tenants in Spain can be made through professional journals, through different media, publishing an advertisement on the Internet. Rental housing is very popular among foreign tourists, students of universities and colleges.

By law relationships landlord and the tenant are governed by a bilateral treaty, which must explain in detail the rights and obligations of both parties. Rent prices also set solely by agreement and not regulated by law.

All owners of homes in Spain should take into account that under the laws of the tenant is more secure than the landlord. The initial contract term (monthly) rentals are generally composed of one year, but the lessee has the right to annually renew the lease for as long as it does not amount to five years. During these five years to raise the rent can only be in accordance with the inflation index. Usually payment is made monthly and the tenant pays for the month ahead.

The contract specifies how and by whom paid utilities - often does the owner of the accounts of his coming, then the tenant is paying the price with him on those accounts, together with payment of the next rental period. According to the law overhaul and cosmetic repair of housing is done by the owner, and small maintenance - at the expense of the tenant. If the tenant wants to make repairs at its own expense, he needs permission from the owner.

Upon delivery of a furnished apartment is recommended to be listed in the annex to the lease are in her household appliances and valuables, to reflect all defects and damage - in order to avoid conflicts between the owner. When eviction from the apartment it can relieve the tenant from having to pay for the breakage of the fact that he is not broke.

The operating companies in Spain

In the absence of the owner the possibility to stay permanently in Spain should use the services of a management company to monitor the housing during the absence of the owner, as well as to find tenants. Typically, in this case is guaranteed a steady income in the amount of 5-8% per annum. Management companies themselves pay the bills for electricity and for water flow, then charging it with the owner, maintain the facility and cleaning of common areas.

In the case of buying an apartment in an apartment complex to find and select such a company will simply because they are usually created by the developer. In Spain, the service management company are almost cheaper than in the rest of Europe. Quite often, no fee is charged per square meter, a unit of housing and is ? 1 per day (? 365 per year).

There are companies who are counting the cost of their services on the basis of the square, but then the cost per square meter decreases depending on the square. In the year goes from ? 6 to ? 15 (on average ? 8,4) per square. m. For this amount of management companies shall protect and support the entire complex, including the cleaning of common areas (with the possibility for more money and agree on the cleaning of private apartments).

Average price for the flat area of 55 square. pm is ? 820 per month. The amount of rental income minus operating expenses, up to ? 8 600. Mortgage payments for a flat amount to ? 11 thousand per year. That is, the amount does not cover mortgage interest, but the difference is obtained is much less than in other European countries.

Properties for sale in Spain

All real estate acquired in Spain, according to law, goes into private ownership to the buyer, so that it can be resold without restriction.

Sell a property under the laws of Spain has the right only the owner or person having him a notarized power of attorney. Usually, the right to sell trust in agencies, which must have a license. If some property owners or the owner is married, then the sale requires the consent of all owners. If the object prior to sale to yield, first right to purchase it is the tenant.

Resale properties in Spain will inherit the debts of former owners, it is important to consider resale.

When selling real estate in Spain, foreigners must pay value added tax. If you owned property up to a year VAT is charged at a flat rate of 35%, more than a year - at 18%. If the sale will be unprofitable, the loss will not be reimbursed.

Registration entity

When buying property in Spain with the aim of doing business need to know how the process of registration companies in the country.

Foreigners have the right to open a Spanish company with a hundred-percent foreign capital. However, it must be borne in mind that the law director of the company must be resident in the country. In the presence of Spanish co-founder, such restrictions on the nationality of directors not. Time of opening a new firm - up to a month.

The most common forms of ownership as follows: joint stock company with unlimited liability - Sociedad Anonima (SA) and Limited Liability Company - Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada (SL). Company Registration includes the following steps:
• Contract with a lawyer to conduct the affairs of the company;
• choice of three options for the firm name: after the assessor they must be sent to Madrid to the registration authority to verify the uniqueness, placing according to preference in descending order, waiting time for an answer - two weeks;
• Account opening a Spanish bank account after registering the company name;
• transfer to the account of the full amount of the share capital. The minimum share capital in Spain for a limited liability company (SL) is ? 3 006, and for a society with unlimited liability company (SA) - ? 60 thousand;
• Training together with the assessor of the statute created by society, containing the following information: the order of transfer of shares; structure and authority of government and public decision-making rules, responsibility for maintaining accounting records and the procedure of reorganization and liquidation of the company, the procedure for resolving disputes;
• certification of the statute by a notary;
• order print company;
• Sending assessor statute for registration in the Chamber of Commerce of Spain to make business in the state register, the tax authorities to obtain tax identification number (CIF).

Notarization of constituent documents occurs in the presence of founder and administrator. Information about the society entered into the Registro Mercantil (commercial register), geographically appropriate legal address of the society. The cost of the procedure depends on the size of the share capital. Tax collection for the establishment of the company is 1% of its amount.

Completes the declaration with the tax authorities - obtaining tax identification number (NIF) and register in the relevant tax authority.

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