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All natural and legal persons who own housing in Montenegro, a year must pay tax on the property. The annual tax on real estate in Montenegro is 0,08-0,8% of the cadastral value of the object. The larger area of the house or apartment, the higher the tax. For example, a tax on a flat area of 80 sq. km. m of ? 200 per year.

Montenegro uses the European model of utility payments: money paid for the amount of resources that was actually spent, not abstract homogenization. For garbage collection fee is charged - about ? 5-6 with apartments and houses from ? 8-12 per month. The subscription fee for the phone - ? 5 per month. Also, depending on the meter readings are paid monthly as follows: light - about 32 cents per kW • h from 23.00 to 7.00 am and about 65 cents during the rest of the day, the water - 90 cents per cubic meter.

Invoices for utilities, as well as in Russia, the fall in the mailbox. Pay bills in the nearest post office. Despite the fact that the accounts were written in Montenegrin, difficulty in understanding them should arise: any digit in the account, you can check on the counter. Moreover Montenegrin language Russians quite understandable.

On the coast of Montenegro or in one locality gas is not undertaken. However, you can buy a gas stove and cylinder, which is much cheaper than electric. Prices for gas furnace - from ? 10 to ? 300. Fueled with gas cylinder costs ? 60. Exchange devastated the container is filled to ? 12. A single bottle is enough for an average of three months (for a family of four).

Electricity to be paid without delay: to June 2008 in Montenegro, disconnected from the power of those who do not pay more than two months, or whose debt exceeded ? 300. For delay in payment for water and garbage such stringent measures have not yet entered, but this should not be abused.

Basic food prices in Montenegro (as at August 2008)

Prices in the shops:
Ham (1 kg): ? 4,5-8,5 (1 kg)
Sausage (1 kg): ? 7,8-16
Boiled pork (1 kg): ? 9,9-14
Sausages (1 kg): ? 3,8-5,5
Mineral water (1 bottle.): ? 0,45-0,55
Wine (1 bottle): ? 2-5
Bread (loaf): ? 0,6-1
Milk (1 liter): ? 0,6-0,95
Vegetable oil (1 bottle.): ? 1,7-2,1
Yogurt (package): ? 1
Eggs (dozen): ? 0,1-0,15

Prices on the market:
Carrots (1 kg): ? 1-1,2
Tomatoes (1 kg): ? 0,8-2
Cucumbers (1 kg): ? 0,5-1
Potatoes (1 kg): ? 0,7-1
Onions (1 kg): ? 1-1,2
Cabbage (1 kg): ? 0,3-0,5
Apples (1 kg): ? 0,6-1,5
Oranges (1 kg): ? 1-2
Cheeses (1 kg): ? 3-6
Apricot (1 kg): ? 3-3,5
Grapes (1 kg): ? 4-4,5

Prices Restaurants:
Pomfrit (pomfrit, fries): ? 1,5 per portion
Palacinke (palachinki, pancakes): ? 1-2 per portion
Lignje (squid): ? 6 per portion
Colac (roll, cake): ? 1,2-2 per portion
Pileci (pilechi, grilled chicken, whole): ? 6
Pica (Pietsch, drinks, 0,33 l): - ? 1,5
Negushsky steak: ? 7 (a huge portion)
Pizza: ? 3,5 - 8 (in fast fude 1 piece - ? 1)
Fish Salad: ? 6
A plate of mussels, shrimp, lobster for two or three: ? 20
Salad: ? 1
Coffee (small cup): ? 0,5
Great coffee: ? 1
Cream: ? 2-6
Sparkling water (1 liter): ? 1,5
Wine (1 bottle.): ? 7-15
Beer (0.35 liter): ? 1,5



By purchasing property in Montenegro, you can lease it - this will ensure a good and steady income from tourists, especially during the peak summer season, when demand for comfortable place under the sun is increasing rapidly. With regard to the lease, the Montenegrin laws make no distinction between foreigners and nationals. The only thing necessary for foreigners to take real estate - is to be its owner.

To rent a house or apartment, a foreigner must obtain permission from the authorities area. In addition to the passport they need to present only two of the document.
1. A document confirming the ownership of rented accommodation with a copy of the plan (this is issued by the cadastral office of the regional center, in the territory of which the rented housing, in Russian it is called Extract from Unified State Register of rights to immovable property).
2. A document testifying that the house is connected to the mains.

Validity - up to a year. Regardless of when will give shelter, summer or winter, it must be renewed annually.

Obtaining permission to renting the property is not expensive. In addition to the administrative fee paid for the work of the Commission (? 30-40), which in each case should determine whether the minimum housing and housing-technical terms for the lease (ie, whether to live in it).

After receiving permission to an individual must be lodged with the categorization of housing. What is categorization and what is it? This procedure was introduced by the Ministry of Tourism of Montenegro in order to divide all rented housing by grade - from the simple to the elite. In fact, this division of the same hotel, but the categories for the private homes of all four.

It is recommended that categorization along with a permit until the commission meets (in this case do not have to pay extra ? 30-40 for its re-gathering). Only with these two decisions of the commission can begin to pass property to rent.

The amount of tax from the rent fixed at ? 98 per month. So much pay a person not working in Montenegro, as this amount includes all social contributions. If the housing rent working individual, the amount of tax will be ? 68 per month - deducted from her social contributions.

A physical person may take no more than seven rooms or 15 beds at the same time. If the premises in the house more, the resolution would still apply only seven. The other rooms can take: this type of activity is equal to tourism business and can not take shape as an additional perk. To avoid fines and sanctions, can be registered as private entrepreneur or establish a joint stock company. On establishment of the company Read more in "The rights and acquisition of real estate."

Rental income is high - from 4% to 5% per annum. Especially beneficial renting real estate in the capital, Podgorica.

Management companies

In the absence of the owner the possibility to stay permanently in Montenegro should use the services of a management company to monitor the housing during the absence of the owner, as well as to find tenants. Typically, the role of management companies stand firm-builders. They assume the payment of bills for electricity and for water, maintain the facility and cleaning of common areas.

Important role played by the management company and in the presence of the owner of housing in the country. Reliable company not only provides the content of the complex, but also helps residents deal with everyday problems (for many of the foreigners is difficult in a foreign country).

Payment for the operating company is carried out once a year. And not necessarily go for it in Montenegro. You can choose to pay by bank account. The cost of these services varies depending on the property, the selected company and your service.

Properties for sale in Montenegro

Procedure for the sale of real estate to foreigners is the same as for the Montenegrins. To do this you need the following documents: the sale of flats only need sheet nepokretnosti (proof of ownership), the sale of the house need an additional copy of the plan.

You can sell real estate in Montenegro itself, placing an advertisement in the media. But it is more convenient and safer to carry out the transaction through a real estate agency. To do this, open a bank account, which later received money from the buyer. In the municipal court of the parties sign a contract of sale. If the seller is not possible to come to Montenegro, or no desire to conduct the transaction itself, the proxy may sign a contract lawyer.

Features of doing business in Montenegro

A foreigner may be the founder of the Montenegrin company. In this case there are two types of activity, where the territory of Montenegro, foreigners are not allowed. This production and sale of arms and any other activities in the national nature reserves and border areas.

Register a company may be within a week. The form of ownership that can be PE (Entrepreneur), Ltd. (doo), AO (ad), as an unlimited partnership (od), as well as a limited liability company (kd), as well as a branch of a foreign company (Part of a foreign company) .

To register for private entrepreneurs, partnerships and the branch charter capital is not required. For the establishment of a limited liability share capital needs, but its minimum size can be ? 1. The minimum capital to open a joint stock company shall be ? 25 thousand Thus the founders did not have to be residents of Montenegro, local co-founder is not required.

To register, you must file a deed of company and its charter (statute) to the Central Registration Chamber of the Commercial Court in Podgorica.

An application for registration can be found at Fee for certification, depending on the number of documents and pages they range from ? 30 to ? 100. Four days later the company is registered, it is assigned a registration number for it to pay another ? 10. Then you get a tax identification number in the local tax authority, it is two or three days, free of charge. Then open an account with one of the local banks, it is also a free procedure, which is carried out in one day.

With further accounting support and tax reporting can help the specialized companies that are thoroughly versed in the intricacies of doing business law firms in Montenegro. Typically, realtors can give the coordinates of these companies, sometimes they are engaged in such activities.

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