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Taxes, payments, utility payments

The annual tax on real estate in Germany, combined with a land tax, ranging from 0,5% to 1,5% of the cadastral value of the property.

There is also a collection of rain water into drains, which is calculated from the area of roof and hard surfacing on the site and ranges from 35 to 45 euro per sq.m. per year.

The cost of utilities in Germany is quite large. It is worth noting here that the highest rates in the world of water: this is due to the fact that the income from the payment of water are used to finance a number of government projects. Cubic meter of water in Germany is from ? 1,9 to ? 2,7, electricity costs about 18 cents per kilowatt, gas heating - 4-5 cents per kilowatt, garbage removal and cleaning is estimated at ? 1,5-2 per square meter. The monthly cost for an apartment of 70 square meters. in Western Germany is about ? 127,4, Eastern - ? 97,3, in wasteful consumption of services - more.

The cheapest internet provider (ADSL) costs about ? 9,95 per month. Connecting fixed line costs ? 60, the monthly payment - from ? 15 to ? 40 depending on the services, one minute - from 1,6 cents to several euros. In the state corporation Deutsche Telecom Communication Services provides a large number of other companies.

Minute of conversation within the network on the mobile phone is estimated to average 15-18 cents, although the price depends on the tariff and can vary significantly. SMS - 19-20 cents, which is more expensive than in Russia. Major mobile network operators in Germany: T-Mobile, O2, Vodafone and E-Plus.

Radio costs about ? 5,52 per month, packet radio, plus cable TV - ? 17. All television broadcasts in Germany through the cable.

Living costs

Prices for most products in the country a little inferior to Moscow. A kilogram of beef costs about ? 4, pork - ? 2,5, a liter of milk - ? 1, a dozen eggs - ? 1, a bottle of wine - from ? 0,7 to ? 5, a bottle of beer - from ? 0,3. Bread and fish is more expensive than in Russia - one-kilogram loaf of bread costs ? 1,5, 250-gram package of salmon fillet - ? 3.

Most cheaply purchased in supermarkets, such as «Aldi», «Lidl», «Norma». «Plus», «Penny». More expensive chain stores with a large assortment of goods-«Kaufland», «Marktkauf», «Real», shop eco-products «Edeka».

Inexpensive clothing and household electronics can be found in commission shops. In the large department stores ( «Toom», «MediaMarkt», «Karstatt-Quelle») is a system of discounts. Appliances low price range in Germany is cheaper than in Russia. More expensive is comparable in price, but much higher quality.

The spread of prices in cafes and restaurants is large enough. Swedish table costs about ? 6-8, in a restaurant one course costs from ? 9 to ? 13.

Since Germany, as the entire European Union, is struggling with smoking, cigarettes are expensive - from ? 4 and above. Many Germans prefer to buy tobacco and cigarette paper for Cigarette.

The official cost of living in Germany amounts to ? 347 - this is the size of unemployment benefits. Unemployed state pays for housing. To live on this money you can, but modestly.


The public transportation system in Germany - one of the most efficient in Europe. It includes: Metro ( «U-bahn»), commuter trains ( «S-bahn»), buses and trams. Directions to the same number of tariff bands for different modes of transport is the same.

If you regularly use public transport more advantageous to buy a ticket for a month. Tickets for all modes of transport are valid for two hours after purchase, without limitation transplants. You can buy a ticket for one day - single or group.

In general, public transport in Germany more expensive than Russia's. For example, in Stuttgart, a ticket for transportation for one day costs about ? 5,6 (1-2 zone) to ? 11,5 (without restrictions.

Ticket Weekend (Schoeneswochenendeticket) allows a group of five people during the day (Saturday or Sunday) to travel by train of IRE, RE, RB and trains in any direction. Ticket Federal Land (Landesticket) allows travel on public transport and in the same train as the ticket of the day off, within a federal state within a day.

The cost of travel by taxi is calculated on the basis of meter readings. For trips of less than 2 miles or shorter than 5 min. There is a special tariff. In some cities there are concessionary rates at night for women. You can catch a taxi on the street, sit in it on a specialized stationary (they are usually located at railway stations) or call on the phone.

In most cities of the country if an international driver's license sample can rent a car. Some companies offer weekly wages and do not include mileage. It is best to pay by credit card. Rental price from ? 25 per day or higher depending on the model of the machine. The roads are speed limits: in towns - 50 km / h, outside the city - 100 km / h on highways (motorways) are no limitations. The driver and passengers at the front and rear seats must be wearing seat belts.


Because of the influx of foreign demand for removable housing is large enough. Surrendering to rent your house or apartment, you can cover the costs of maintaining and even make a profit.

If the landlord sets the value of more than 20% higher than the average for housing in this category, it is fined.

The cost of the lease depends on the city and region. In eastern Germany the price is lower than in the west: in the capital Berlin removable housing costs about 8 euros per square meter, while in cities such as Munich and Stuttgart, the rental price up to ? 12-14 per square meter. Remove City apartment of 70-80 sq. m can be used for ? 700-800. The amount depends on the layout, floors, a balcony, the general condition of housing.

Residential Seller can search both independently and in the ad or through an agency. Service agent pays the tenant rather than landlord. Relations between landlord and tenant are governed by a bilateral treaty, which specifies the rights and obligations of the parties. Typically, a tenant other than the main board (Kaltmiete) pays for utilities (Nebenkosten) plus electricity and telephone.

Should be remembered that in the event of disputed cases, the law in favor of the tenant. For example, if the contract is for up to five years, the landlord is obliged to announce its intention to terminate the three months prior to the desired end of the period of five to eight years - six months, more than eight years - in nine months. For the avoidance must be good reasons: either the rental housing is required to stay the owner himself or his family or tenant regularly pays or violates the rules of residence. Also during the first year can not increase rents, while increasing its tenant must be notified in writing.

When leaving the removable housing owner must be notified within three months.

Managing companies in Germany

To hand properties for rent can be remotely without being constantly on the territory of Germany. To do this, use the services of a management company, which undertakes to find tenants and minding the house or apartment.

Payment for the maintenance of housing by the hour, at a cost of ? 20-25 per hour plus 69 cents per kilometer of road, which the employee firm overcomes from office to home and back. The cost of care for parkland is calculated individually based on complexity of works, their frequency and area of the site.

Settlements between the property owner and management company is through bank transfers.

Sell Property

When selling real estate in Germany's tax on profits from the sale (Ertragssteuer) is not charged if the object is in the common property of husband and wife for 10 years and more.

In other cases, sales tax is calculated on a progressive scale:
- Income up to ? 7 834 per year are not taxed;
- From ? 7 835 to ? 12 739 - taxed at 15% plus 24% of the amount exceeding ? 7 665;
- From ? 12 740 to ? 52 151 - 23.97% plus 42% of the amount exceeding ? 12 740;
- From ? 52 152 to ? 250 thousand - 42%;
- From ? 250 thousand - 45%.

The minimum income tax rate for foreigners is 25%.

Services agent in the sale of real estate make up 3-6% of the value of the transaction and paid equally by the seller and the buyer. You can apply as a German agents, and to Russia's companies, collaborating with partners from Germany.

Registration entity

Often, properties bought by a legal person: Many foreign firms have acquired a non-residential premises (offices, warehouses), and housing for its employees. The most attractive legal form for a foreign business is a limited liability company (GmbH). As a private entrepreneur to non-resident EU can not act, and the establishment of a joint stock company though possible, but difficult to processing of documents.

Founders GmbH may be one or more natural or legal persons, including foreign persons and stateless persons. They are responsible only for its contributions, but not personal property. Founders shall designate one or more control firm, at least one of whom must be an EU citizen or be able to enter the EU at any time, for example on the basis of a multiple ". Received year-end profit is distributed to the size of members' shares of the company.

The authorized capital stock GmbH shall not be less than ? 25 thousand He is a property of a legal entity, formed from the specified in the memorandum of deposit of the founders. Deposits must be made in cash or transferred in the form of public affairs. It is better to make the authorized capital in cash, as well as the transfer of things requires the provision of expertise value, which significantly slows down the procedure for the institution.

Participants GmbH sign a memorandum of association, necessary even when the founder is the same person. It must necessarily contain the following information: name of the company, the official legal address, type of activity, the size of the share capital, distribution of shares among shareholders, the appointment and powers of the Governing Board.

Contract shall be certified by a notary. Then a new company registered in the court, as is done in the commercial register entry. From this moment GmbH acquires legal personality. The average procedure takes six to eight weeks.

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