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The owner of housing in France is obliged to pay property taxes. It consists of two parts. The first type of tax (taxe fonci?re) makes the owner of the property. The size of the payment is not fixed and varies by type of property and its location. For example, for a two-room apartment in Nice, a tax of about ? 500 per year. When buying a home in new building owner shall be exempt from this tax for the first two years of ownership.

Second payment - Tax on accommodation (taxe d'habitation) - pays a living. That is, if the property is leased, the lessee makes tax if used for personal residence - the owner. Resident (tenant or owner) is obliged to pay the tax, if they occupy space on January 1. It does not matter how long he lived there. The tax on the same property may be different in different cities a few times, depending on local laws. At the apartment, he could be around ? 500 a year on houses - up to ? 3 thousand of tax payment can be made with a bank card over the Internet, send checks to the tax authority or to pay cash.

Utility payments consist of general and individual parts. The total includes fees for elevator, water, and concierge and a small apartment is around ? 100 per month. Individual payments are made for electricity, gas - if carried out, heating - in the absence of the central. Cost would amount to a maximum of ? 200 per month.

When buying an apartment should be borne in mind that the tenants are jointly and severally liable for payment of utility services. That is, in the case where the tenant does not pay the bills (except for gas and electricity), its duty is distributed among the remaining owners. Thus, we should be alert to the possibility that accounts for the apartment may increase by 5-10%. According to the Association of Chairmen of committees owners (ARS), every fifth apartment building documented evidence of such non-payment tenants.


In addition to the costs arising from the purchase and maintenance of housing, should take into account other costs, including transportation, food and mobile communications.

Transportation. In France, well-developed rail. The most easy to reach from one city to another allows high-speed train TGV (Trains a Grande Vitesse). Also convenient train RER (Reseau Express Regional), which are related to the Paris Metro system. There is a type of tickets, which give right of way at the same time the metro, RER trains and buses. For example, in Paris, the cost of a ticket for ten trips will be ? 11.

The base fare for taxi fare is ? 2 plus of ? 0,5 per kilometer during the day and from ? 1 night, for luggage - ? 1-2.

Communication. Coverage area of mobile communication is practically the whole territory of France, except for small provincial and mountainous areas. The cost of SIM cards of French operators is approximately ? 30, minutes of conversation - from ? 0,19.

Public phones distributed throughout France, even in tiny villages. Typically, they provide both domestic and international communications. Payment of calls made cards of various denominations (? 10, ? 25, ? 50, etc.).

Possibility of Internet access is available in many public places. Internet cafes can be found in all airports, main streets, post offices, many hotels, shops, etc. Average prices in them are ? 4-10 per hour.

Dining. Size of the account in cafes and restaurants depend on the level of institutions. At the station cafe you can eat for ? 20 per person, but in a posh restaurant - leave ? 1,5 thousand cup of coffee in a cafe on the Champs-Elysees is ? 2. If you purchase products yourself, you should focus on the following prices: pasta and cereals - from ? 0,5 per kg of cheese and sausage - from ? 6 per kg vegetables - ? 1-3 per kg meat - ? 7-25 per kg.


Information about the process of rental housing available in the section "Procedure for purchasing real estate in France." If desired, issue the lease, you can delegate the management company.

Yield of rental housing will be about 3,5-5% per annum (excluding the cost of maintenance). Tax from the rental is calculated at the rate of income tax for non-residents is 25% of the profits. He is paid by filing a declaration to the tax authorities of residence.


For sale by owner is obliged to pay tax on profits from the resale (сapital gains taxe, le plus-value). It is calculated from the difference between the price at which the property was acquired, and the price of its resale. Of this amount, deduct any expenses associated with the acquisition of housing (services agency and a notary public), as well as funds invested in the repair (with checks). In the case of real estate sales in the first five years after the purchase of this tax makes 33,3% of real value. After 15 years of owning real estate profit tax will be charged. When selling real estate in the period between 5 and 15 years of ownership tax rate is falling by 10%.

If you live in the premises of the tenant, the seller must offer the facility to sell him first, and only in case of failure or lack of response within two months to put the object on sale.


Features business

When creating a company in France, you can use one of the organizational and legal forms.
1. Sole proprietorship (entreprise individuelle). The business owner is personally liable for the estate financial and economic activities of the firm.
2. General partnership (societe en nom collectif, SNC). Members of the Association are jointly and severally liable for the activities of the company. The head may appoint a person, not a member of the partnership. The minimum share capital is not required.
3. Simple limited partnership (societe en commandite simple, SCS). Some of the participants is responsible for the activities of the Association of their property (general partner), another - only to their contribution to the company (kommandisty). Minimum share capital is not required.
4. The Joint-limited partnership (societe en commandite par action, SCPA). The set includes the complete comrades (at least) and kommandisty (not less than three). Such a company may declare a public subscription for its shares. The authorized capital stock in this case amounts to ? 225 thousand, without a public subscription - ? 37 thousand
5. Joint-stock company (societe anonyme, SA). The structure consists of at least seven shareholders. When you declare a public subscription for shares of the minimum share capital must be ? 225 thousand, for private companies (not declaring subscription) - ? 37 thousand
6. Limited liability company (societe ? responsabilit?, SARL). Minimum number of participants - two people, maximum - 50, the required share capital amounts to ? 7,6 thousand

Creating a legal entity

To create the company's founders are the charter. It prescribed the nature of the firm, its organizational-legal form, the value of the share capital, trade name, the official location, etc. The current account at the bank paid share capital as at paid as a contribution of movable and immovable property, the auditor of record. Then in the local media published the announcement of the establishment of the company.

Then the whole package of organizational documents of the company is registered in the court, after which they are sent for registration in the Commercial Register. After receiving the company extracts from the register, indicating its serial number it is considered officially registered.

Registration of companies can hold their own, visiting all the necessary authority, and can apply to a specialized firm. The procedure takes about three weeks, its price starts from ? 1,5 thousand


Companies in France pay the following taxes:
1. income tax. It is equal to 15% on first ? 38 120 profit, then 33%.
2. property tax entities in the amount of 3% of the market value of real estate.
3. tax on social security (38% of the wage fund).
4. value added tax (VAT 19,6%).
5. local tax on professional activity, the size depends on the cost of renting premises and the wage fund.
6. other local taxes (on the use of natural resources, etc.).

Maintenance entity

Cost of the company depends on whether the company is fully operational or her work will be nominal and will be arraigned on a third-party accounting or accounting specialist will conduct its own accountant firm. In the face of cost accounting would be between ? 1,5 thousand per year.

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