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Brief information about the country

Оfficial name: The French republic

Location: A state in the western Europe. It borders on Spain, Italy, Swiss, Germany and Belgium. it is separated from England by the English channel and Pas-de-Calais in the North. In the west it is washed by the waters of Golfe de Gascogne of the Atlantic, and by the Mediterranean sea in the South.

France also has it’s domains in America, Africa and Oceania. Their total area is – 127000 sq. km. with the population of 1,5 mln. people. The main ones are: Guyane, Guadeloupe, Martinique, R?union, New Caledonia, French Polinesia.

The area: 552000 sq. km.

Population: 63,4 mln people (January 2007 ). Appx. 95% of the population are the French. The other ethnical groups are: Corsicans, Germans, Algerians, Italians, Portuguese, Turks, the Moors.

Capital: Paris

Big cities and resorts: Lyon, Bordo, Marcel, Cannes, Моnaco, Nice, Аntibes, Saint- Tropez.

Climate: Mostly mild, though subtropical on the Mediterranean coast, continental in the east and in the mountains. The average temperature in Paris in January is +1 °С до +6 °С, and in July – starting +15 °С and up to +25 °С. In Marcel on the the Mediterranean coast +2 °С and up to +10 °С in January, and starting +17 °С and up to +29 °С in July.

Official language: French. There are a lot of dialects: Elsass, Brezhoneg , Euskara, the Catal? dialect, Le parler du haut-pays provencal, Corsican.

The political structure: The presidential republic. The president is Nicolas Sarkozy.

France is a part of the Schengen zone, and is a member of the UNO starting from 1949. It is a part of the Council of Europe and NATO starting from 1949, of the EU – starting from 1957.

How to get there: there are direct flights to Paris from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Ekaterinenburg.

Time zone: 2 hours behind the Moscow time .

Currency: еuros (1 euro = 34,9 rubles , July 2007).

Religion: most of the French are Catholics. About 1 mln. are Protestants . There are a lot of Moslems , and the biggest in Europe Jewish community.

1of January – New Year
8 of March – Victory day
1 of May – Labor day
14 of July – Bastille Day
1 of November – All Saints Day
Map of France

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