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Rates, taxes, utility payments

Property tax is calculated depending on the size and location of the object. It amounts to ? 25-50 per year. For example, a tax on a flat area of 100 square meters. m in Prague - about ? 30 per year. In other cities, the tax on the same object will be less.

Utility bills include charges for electricity, water, heating, as well as contributions to so-called fund of frames. It's contributions to the house territory, maintenance of the building, including replacement of windows, water risers, etc. The Fund has, as a rule, half the monthly payment for the object. For an apartment of 70 square meters. m utilities are approximately 4-4,5 thousand euros (? 155-175) per month.


In addition to the cost of maintaining the property is taken into account living expenses, including food, transportation and mobile communications.

Food: Milk - 18 CZK (? 0,7) per liter, pork tenderloin - 100-120 euros (? 3,9-4,6) per kg, white bread - 20 CZK (? 0,8).

Eating: a business lunch - from 129 K? (? 5), the average expense per person ranges from 300-400 and 1 000 K? (? 11,7-39), depending on the level of institutions.

Transportation. The fare for ground transportation in Prague is 18 or 25 euros (? 0,7-1,0), depending on the route and duration of travel. A taxi costs 27 euros (? 1,05) for 1 km. The cost of the ticket station for three months - 1 480 CZK (? 58).

Mobile Communications. Average price per minute conversation in Prague is 5 euros (? 0,2) including VAT.

Management Company and leasing of real estate

If a property owner does not intend to reside in the Czech Republic, for the content of the real estate he may apply to the services management company. With such a company is a contract which prescribes the responsibilities of the management company, the timing and cost of service, responsibility, and details of the parties, etc. Such a company, depending on the conditions of the contract can take the payment of utility bills, taxes, search for tenants and decide all current issues in rental housing.

The cost of administering the company depends on what exactly is included in its responsibilities. One option is as follows: the buyer pays the company 15% of rental income and forget about any payments (except for the introduction of taxes). Taxes in this case, the owner pays separately.

Upon delivery of real estate for rent landlord pays income tax - about 17%.
For more information on rental procedure, see "Procedure for the acquisition of real estate.


For real estate sales, as well as for the purchase of, foreign nationals are advised to avoid direct transactions with the seller to protect themselves from the misinterpretation of the contract items, possible fraud, etc. The best solution would be to use the services of real estate agencies.

When selling real estate is always an individual pays tax on the transfer of ownership of 3%. It is also necessary to pay income tax levied on the price difference on the object when buying and selling (if any). The tax amounts to about 17%. However, the owner of the property released from him, if living there for at least two years, or was the owner (not live) for at least five years. If the property sells legal person, the company pays income tax of 21% of the revenue plus VAT.

More information about the procedure of sale of real estate can be found in the section "Procedure for the acquisition of real estate.


Features of business in the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, the following organizational-legal forms of enterprises.
1. Limited liability company (sro);;
3. Commercial open society;
4. limited partnership;
5. unspoken partnership.

Limited Liability Company in the Czech Republic, as in many other countries, is the most common form of doing business. The founder may act as a physical (from 1 to 50), as well as a legal entity. The minimum share capital of the company - 200 thousand euros (? 7 800), minimum contribution of one parent - 20 thousand euros (? 780). The profit of the company is taxed 24%. The liability of members limited to the size of deposits.

The company may be founded by one or more natural or legal persons. The minimum share capital - 2 million CZK (? 78 thousand). Share capital is allocated a certain number of shares. A shareholder is not liable for the obligations of the company.

Commercial open society can be formed by two or more individuals and legal entities. The minimum deposit amount is not installed. All participants are responsible to their property for the obligations of the company.

A limited partnership comprises the features of commercial open society and a society with limited liability. The minimum deposit kommandista (member of the partnership, which guarantees the obligations of the organization) - 5 thousand euros (? 195).

The unstated partnership operates an unregistered agreement in writing, under which secret partner of the partnership invests in the organization of a sum of money or valuables, while not taking part in the work of the partnership.

Creating a legal entity

The procedure for opening the firm can carry out both independently and through an intermediary - a specialist or firm. The first option allows you to save money, but it is more difficult because it requires knowledge of Czech laws and requirements. To use the services of a mediator, from the prospective business owner will need the following documents: passport, power of attorney for the opening of the company, a certificate of police records. It is compiled and certified by a notary in Russia, then translated into Czech in the Czech Republic in the Organization of court interpreters. Certificate of Clearance is issued in the country of residence of the business owner. On her best to take care in advance, since clearance can take months. In this case, however, keep in mind that the expiration date - just three months.

The cost of mediation is ? 1 800-1 900. This is a complete package, including the creation of a legal address and payment of the share capital of the company. The whole procedure of opening the company takes from two to three weeks, although you can make it a matter of urgency - for two days, while the cost increases.

It is worth remembering that the license for certain types of business issued only if the staff members have a specialist who has special skills. This, for example, the construction sector.

To purchase a property for a legal person, the owner will need a passport and check on us from the commercial register.

Buy businesses

Alternatively, the opening of the new company can consider buying already finished. Often, the costs of translation companies to the new owner will be lower - about ? 1 300. It should always seek the annual accounts of companies and documents confirming the lack of financial debts. Also it is necessary to take into account other factors: the location of the company (how conveniently located shop, hotel, etc.), the ratio of profit claimed by the seller and the turnover and the mechanism of settlement of the transaction.

Maintenance of legal entity

In order for the company was considered legal, there is no need to enter into real contracts, and there are no requirements in terms of annual revenue. Moreover, the company's balance sheet may be zero indefinitely. The main thing you need time to provide the required documents and records to inspection bodies.

The cost of maintenance of the company depends on the size of the company, how is accounting (his accountant or an outside company), place of registration, etc. Letting a zero balance is ? 100 per year, accounting - from ? 70 per month.

For assistance in preparing the material to thank Roman Potemkin (company Ripid sro, and Vitaly Terent'yeva (company VITER-MONO sro)

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