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Terms of the acquisition of real estate in Croatia

Acquisition of immovable property by foreigners in Croatia is carried out in accordance with the principle of reciprocity. " Prior to August 2006 between Croatia and Russia also acted with the agreement. However, after clarification (because of adjustment of Croatian legislation with regard to future accession to the European Union) "principle of reciprocity," toward Russia has ceased to act. From now on, Russia's citizens and legal entities may not acquire property in Croatia directly in your name. Courses of action in this case, two:

1) to establish a Croatian legal person and to acquire property on it;
2) if you are the owner of companies registered in countries that have a valid contract on reciprocity with Croatia, you can purchase a property for them.

For information on whether there was "reciprocity" between Croatia and the country concerned, you can get on the website of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Croatia -

In addition to the "principle of reciprocity," there are other legislative restrictions.
According to Croatian law, foreign citizens and companies can acquire ownership of any land - except those that are located in agricultural and forest areas.

If the object of sale is the cultural heritage, historical sites, you must obtain permission to acquire it in all instances - from the municipality to the Government of Croatia.

Currently, foreign nationals can not acquire property in Croatia under the mortgage.

The purchase procedure

Citizens of countries with whom, "the principle of reciprocity" does not operate (including citizens of Russia) to buy property in Croatia can be through the opening of the legal person, what the state attorney. To open a legal person need a passport and a document certifying the existence of seed capital is not less than 20 thousand kuna (about 2,7 euros) - typically a document for opening an account in the Croatian bank.

These documents are submitted to the Commercial Court. The average term of design firms is 4-6 weeks, although, according to a specialist company Domus Xenia Biochich, sometimes it can be done in one day. Before this is usually a preliminary sales contract and prepay 10-15%. After confirmation from the court you get a complete package of documents necessary for the firm. Then you are given the status of the Croatian legal person, and you have the right to purchase real estate. The main contract of sale is signed after the opening of the company. Then all the documents and information about the company recover the Commercial Court, and the object must be registered in the land registry. The registration fee is 500 euros. To register a company only if it has been employed only one person - its director. It may be nominal, ie not lead an active business.

On the procedure for acquiring property in the case with your country has a "reciprocity", you can read the article "The acquisition of real estate in Croatia by nationals of countries from which the" principle of reciprocity. "

Business in Croatia

Opening a legal entity in Croatia and became its sole owner (or having more than 51% owned), you automatically get permission to conduct business, which is the basis for a permit. In Croatia there are no restrictions on the types of business, except, of course, strategic and military industries.

Taxes and fees when buying property

In the Republic of Croatia there is a single tax rate 5% for all types of real estate transactions. Within 30 days after signing the sales contract the buyer (or his authorized person) must pay a one-time property tax to the tax authority for its location at a rate of 5% of the declared value of the contract. In case of delay the tax authority shall calculate interest for each overdue day.

Note that if you buy a house under construction, then pay the tax only on land value, if you get an object on the secondary market, 5% and levied for the object, and for the land.

In addition, you will need to pay for real estate agents (if you get through it) - 1-3% of the value of the object and a lawyer - about 3 thousand euro.

Foreign nationals may bequeath property they own in Croatia. In respect of their acts the same laws as against Croatian citizens.

Rent in Croatia

The legislation does not provide for restrictions on the rental property acquired by foreigners, including the newly-formed entities. You can take your property for rent through the same agency, where he acquired. Approximately rent is 50-150 euros a day. If the housing is removed for a short period (from weeks to several months), the tenant must pay a fee just for the entire stay. In the case of long-term lease payment terms are discussed individually.

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