Maintenance and taxes in Croatia

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If you decide to sell the acquired real estate in Croatia, you will be required to pay the tax, unless three years have elapsed since its purchase or sell at a price higher than purchased. In this case, the seller must pay a tax of 35% of the difference between buying and selling. This tax may vary depending on which area of the country's facility is located.

In Croatia, a fairly rigid system of taxation, but people who receive pension income, or money order from another country, enjoy certain advantages. Tax exemptions are also the owners of yachts. Foreigners residing in the territory of Croatia, can not pay value added tax (22% on all goods and services). Taxes are also not subject to loans, investments, deposits, loans.

Income tax in Croatia is 20%.

Annual tax on property in Croatia. You only pay a lump sum tax is 5% when buying property.

Maintenance costs:

• garbage disposal: 50-100 kuna (7-13 euros) per month;
• Water supply: 100-130 kuna (13-17 euros) per month;
• Electricity: on average, 60-700 kuna (8-100 Euro) per month (depending on how much spent on counter);
• Grounds maintenance - 50 euros per week.

Insurance of real estate in Croatia is not mandatory, but experts recommend following the acquisition of the object of his insurance. Insurance cost depends on the location and type of facility, the insured event.

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