The essence of development - management of investment projects in real estate, which includes:
- Select a cost-effective project;
- Obtaining all necessary permits for its implementation from the relevant authorities;
- Determine the conditions for attracting investments, development of mechanisms and modalities of their return, if necessary;
- Search and attract investors;
- The selection of contractors, financing their activities and monitoring their performance;
- Implementation of established property or transfer its operation to the customer.

Thus, proceeding from the above assumes that the result of the developer are clearly material change of the property, but at the same time the basic content of his work is not about this change, but in the organization of these changes.
Realization of the investment project implies that the Development and developer work sequentially through the following steps:
- Assessment of the likelihood of the project property, which is based on data on long-term trends of economic development (demographic data, development prospects of the real sector and households) evaluation of the status and degree of development of financial and tax systems, and especially the expected economic performance of the project, assessing the status and prospects real estate market; possible and most cost-effective project site. As a result of this phase, a decision on the feasibility and appropriateness of the project and apply for its implementation in the relevant organs of state and municipal management.
- Determine the conditions of the project and develop a business plan for its implementation, which includes the following work: determination of the feasibility of the investment project, the definition of total expenditure for the project and their effectiveness, a detailed analysis of the markets associated with the investment projects (real estate, financial, contractual ) identification of possible sources of financing (own funds, borrowed funds, raise funds, etc.), permits the relevant state and municipal structures, and an advertising company to build the necessary public opinion on the implementation of the proposed project design, coordination of conditions for lease (buy) land;
- Project development (of development), real estate, suggesting specific actions to secure financial resources (issuance and sale of the securities market, stock company, established for the project, receipt of loans from the financial institutions, distribution of bond, etc.) to attract and contracting with design and construction contracting organizations to design and physical realization of the investment project, arranging financing, to provide logistical and construction and monitoring progress; sale facility (transfer operation), the return of invested funds, payments with creditors.

The company specializes in complex, accompanied by development projects: from market research and creating the concept of the object to the construction and installation works, the sale or lease of the property, as well as oversee the project after commissioning.
Geography project covers almost all regions of Ukraine.

Project activities of the company is structured as follows:
• Projects related to the maintenance of rental relations: the formation of a pool of tenants and administration.
• Projects on sale of real estate.
• Projects, acquisitions and investment-friendly land, property complexes.
• Investment projects - the creation of real estate full cycle.

The company provides a full range of services on the basis of Project Management for the implementation of all stages of development of real estate projects - from idea to the management of a facility. The project is conducted by our company from conducting market research to implementation area of a facility.

The main stages of development:

1. Market research real estate market.
2. Developing the concept of real estate.
3. Sketch-engineering project idea. Development of the financial strategy of the project.
4. Design and maintenance design.
5. Contract or maintenance building.
6.Upravlenie a facility.
7. Brokerage.
8. Advertising and PR.


Cost of services: defined for each stage separately and depends on the complexity of the project.


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