Development of project's concepts

Project concept development - this is the first tangible embodiment of the project.
The concept needs to consider various options for the development of the project of development, identifying all its competitive advantages and limitations identified.
The concept of development projects based on a preliminary analysis of the market in selected segments and predict their development.

Structurally, the concept consists of three sections:
• Analysis of location and resource potential of the land;
• Economy of possible options for the development of the project and compare them;
• recommendations to the drafting of architectural design.

Analysis of location and resource potential of the land, in turn, consists of such parts:
• Study the image of the area of the plot, an analysis of the predominant types of development and direction of development of the district are located;
• Study of existing and future infrastructure in the area - public, residential and commercial facilities in the immediate vicinity of the site;
• analysis of the physical characteristics of the area - the area, configuration, entrances / exits, access to transportation area, landscape features, topography, etc.;
• analysis of constraints on the use of the site and their impact on the project (availability of transmission lines, gas pipelines, EMG, communication lines, easements, etc.);
• SWOT-analysis plot for the project construction.

In the section "Business of possible options for the development of the project and compare them" examines such questions as:
• identification of potential vectors of development land;
• Preliminary economic modeling;
• formulation of conclusions about the economic feasibility of the vectors of the land;
• selection of the best vector of development of land;
• identification of options (scenarios) of land within an economically feasible vector;
• enhanced economic modeling on the options (scenarios) of the project;
• a comparative table of the above options for the development of the project, cost-effectiveness analysis of options for the development of the project based on the values of indicators NPV, IRR, and payback periods of projects;
• sensitivity analysis of performance options for the development of the project to the basic parameters of development (project budget, cost of sales, capitalization rate, etc.)

In "Guidelines for the preparation of the architectural project" is considered:
• The concept of the project:
o definition of pre-emptive type of building;
o zoning area;
o target groups of consumers;
o definition of a class project;
o Positioning the project on the real estate market;
o definition of areas of land for building sites, they balance and placement on site;
o Transportation (including public transport) and pedestrian Logistics (external and internal);
o description of the architectural concept (number of storeys of building, total area of real estate, parking, communications, networks).
• Components of the project:
o composition, location, size and balance areas;
o recommendations for building materials, decoration, layout, heights, parking and technical equipment of the premises.
• Socio-cultural infrastructure of the project:
o composition, placement, balance and compatibility of space infrastructure;
o recommendations on the main commodity groups in the trade component of the complex;
o requirements for building materials, finishes, parking and maintenance equipment infrastructure;
o description of the entertainment component;
o brief recommendations on the landscape.
• Brief recommendations on the main stages of the project:
o project management;
o design and coordination;
o construction;
o the sale or lease;
o operation;
o timing of the project (in phases).
• Recommendations on pricing and promotion strategy:
o recommendations on positioning of the project;
o advice on marketing strategy (including the sales office, advertising products, advertising media, milestones, etc.);
o advice on the scheme of selling, renting;
o recommendations on pricing policies;
o recommendations on strategies for sales, leasing.

The result of the development of the project concept of development is a document containing detailed information of the following nature:
• the idea of possible options for project development.
• the main problem solving and logic of the organization's business project.
• Recommendations for areas under the concept of the object necessary for the further work of architectural workshops and attract targeted buyers.
• bankable projects to attract funding, the proposals target buyers or investors.
• detailed specification of the project with the calculations of its components.
• advice on strategies for moving, positioning, pricing and sale of the project, developed by the study of competitive advantages of the project, determine the occupied and vacant niches, studying the portrait of potential customers.
• recommendations for project management, including design and coordination, construction schedule and indicative timetable for its implementation.

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