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Управляющий партнер консалтинговой компании A report on a topic such managing partner of consulting company "Dialog Classic Artem Novikov at the Second All-Ukrainian bizes investment forum" Investments in real estate and construction, spoke about the project implementation strategy, project participants, the main stages of the project, a marketing analysis, assessment of the location and site selection, working on the concept of financial analysis and peculiarities of financing real estate projects, positioning and promotion.
The main stage of the project

1. Stage I. Objectives and Strategy 2. Definition of objectives, strategy development, team building project
3. Phase II. Selecting a location 4. Marketing research, assessment of the location and best use, selection and site acquisition
5. Phase III. Concept and Design 6. Market research, concept development and design, financial and economic analysis, financing scheme
7. Stage IV. Construction 8. Permits, mutual participation, communication, construction of the facility
9. Stage V. Operation / Sales 10. Commissioning, management of the subject prepared for sale
? deterioration of living conditions in metropolitan areas (environment, traffic jams, a hostile environment for children);
? Development of transport infrastructure (availability of other zones);
? increase security vehicles;
? development of social infrastructure;
? Business development towns;
? growing interest in eco-concepts;
? Development districts and neighborhoods with single living, social and commercial infrastructure;
? «psychological factor" - to live in a new prestigious location with good infrastructure.
According to Mr. Novikov, location is a key factor determining the success of the project.

The project concept involves:
identifying target groups;

? class definition and format, the positioning of the object;
? formation of an initial specification;
? architectural concept:
? - analysis of communication and planning factors;
? - an analysis of planning constraints and natural landscape factors;
? - the formation of a functional model of the object;
? - definition of space-planning parameters of an object;
? - design object in a socio-psychological and information-semantic features of the site.
? concept of infrastructure, services, and services;
? feasibility study of the concept

Financial Analysis Project
definition of input parameters of the financial model;
? forecast prices;
? development budgets (cash receipts, operating expenses, investments);
? tax system;
? scheme to raise funds for the construction phase;
? cash forecast;
? assess the financial performance of the project (NPV, PI, PBP);
? Scenario analysis
Especially financing real estate projects
Investors who do not share with you the risks of the project (eg, CB) and hedge them in different ways (collateral coverage, surety guarantees, risk insurance, etc.). Often funded by the later stages of the project. Not actively involved in the project.
Investors who are willing to share project risks with you (for example, private investors and some investment companies). Willing to finance the project began, often under the equity or partnership. Have a direct opportunity to influence the course of the project.
Positioning and promotion
? positioning strategy;
? naming;
? basic presentation tools;
? channels;
? plan advertising and PR activities;
? current and ex post evaluation of the effectiveness of advertising and PR activities
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