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Today in the wake of the popularity of the theme PR (public relations or public relations) was taken to contrast it with advertising. It's not quite true: PR does not exclude or replace direct advertising, as well as can not be replaced by advertising, although some of its advantages are obvious. Among the hundreds of definitions of PR, we came across one that is pertinent here: advertising - it's when you yourself say that you are good, and PR - it's when you have managed to make sure that you praise others. Nevertheless, the need to advertise now nobody needs to prove - even a novice in the business understands that it is necessary, taking it as an axiom. But the fact that systematic and consistent PR-activities can also bring real measurable financial benefit, realize not everyone and not just - this is often convinced only by the example of more successful competitors, who have gone far ahead.

Multifaceted PR
To understand how PR affects the economy of the company / project, you must first understand how it happens. PR-activities are very diverse and the choice of methods depends on the type of company facilities, which it is engaged, fame and weight of its brand and many other factors.
One of the most well known and understood by the business community tools PR - is to inform the public about the company through the media (most often - with the help of press releases), as well as the participation of specialists from the company as an expert in the preparation of papers on various issues of the market (at a professional language is called kommentariynoy activity). In the arsenal of PR-professionals also have a wide range of events for journalists: press conferences and briefings, press lunches, press tours and press events, etc. differ in scope, format, and semantic filling tasks, but their main target of are always the journalists. This activity relates to the field of media relations or communications with the media.
In PR is also widely used methods for direct communication with target audiences - partners, customers, investors, etc. These include special events (event) for the target audiences, participate in forums, exhibitions and various competitions and rankings, affiliate programs, representation in professional associations and organizations, patronage and sponsorship, as well as informing the audience about any significant developments or commercial proposals through mailings and much more. A common feature of these methods is the ability to influence the audience interested in the necessary manner (inform, build loyalty, etc.), without resorting to the mediator in the form of media. (Although, for example, the celebrations marking the delivery at home, organized for potential buyers, do not exclude the presence of journalists at the event and further media coverage.)

What is PR
Returning to the economic results of the PR-activities, are just a few of them:
• PR-activity leads to an increase of mentioning, therefore - known companies, and more well-known company is credible. Practice shows that, other things being equal potential customer will choose that company or an object which he knew or seemed so. This is especially true for the real estate market, where the fame and reputation of the builder often determine the decision to purchase.
• Means of PR generated weight and reputation of the company. Reputation, in an apparent ephemerality of the term, direct impact on business, for example, the decision of banks to grant credit company, attracting investors and partners, hiring employees, capitalization of the company and the value of its products. The list of examples of each can go himself.
• PR can create / adjust public opinion. If you need to "submit" and promote some new ideas, trends, standards, innovative services, etc., the forces of advertising to achieve such an outcome is extremely difficult - not only because of format restrictions, but also because of consumer prejudice to advertising. And in the arsenal of PR have a lot of money - from expert articles to participate in conferences, allowing to achieve the desired goal.
• PR stimulates demand and increases sales. Suffice it to say that participation in a successful exhibition or event for potential clients often bring companies to real buyers. A well written article about the original concept of building a new residential complex or a cottage community can give more buyers than a dozen expensive advertising modules.
• PR increases the impact of direct advertising. Thus, the reference company in the review articles, along with the deployment of its advertising modules, captures the reader's attention to advertising, it adds weight and significance.

What we can do
Like any management activity, public relations managers require ownership of professional technologies, as well as specific skills and knowledge that come with experience. Simply put, the specialist must know not only what to do, but how to do it correctly.
For three years, "RealEkspo" as an expert real estate market is preparing a variety of information and analysis and commentary for various central and specialized media, which allowed us to study well and understand the needs of publications and journalists. We have also often asked to recommend experts on various issues. Often it turns out that journalists can not "reach out" to specific companies, do not know who it is and what information there to handle. Companies, in turn, are not aware of specific journalists and do not understand what information may be of interest to write about the company or its experts mentioned in another review. We have often been a bridge, effectively acting as the press service for a number of friendly companies and allowing them to establish effective communication with journalists. Over time, some business partners approached us with a request to provide these services systematically, assuming the role of the press-service on an outsourcing basis.
In addition to cooperation in this format, we have assisted clients in creating strategic documents - the long-term development programs of the project, the concepts of advertising and promotion of information, advice on positioning, etc. In developing these products, we rely not only on our expertise and experience, but also on data from our regular surveys of all sectors of the real estate market, we have, which also differentiates us from other companies providing communication services. It should also be noted that own Web site as a portal for analysis of commercial real estate, and portal-town and foreign real estate, give us a unique advantage in communications and reporting to both your target audience, and professional market participants and journalists.

• Development of a PR-support for different periods (short-term program)
• Work the press service said in a monthly basis (minimum and extended package)
• Organization of events
• Develop and implement special solutions for clients
• Rayting (writing text)

* Conclusion and strategy development to advance the project to market;
* Positioning of the property on the market, taking into account the target audience;
* Calculation of the schedule of financing;
* Branding (development name, logo design, writing slogans for the campaign, the construction of a number of associative with the brand);
* Develop and implement media plan, advertising campaign of the property: - outdoor advertising - Internet resources - TV and radio - the calculation of the cost of advertising and possible discounts;
* Development and implementation of PR-campaign of the property (presentation of the material in all profiles publications from the time of construction);
* Development and production and printing and souvenir products (booklets, business gifts, flyers).

Advertising and PR
• Formation of the company's image
• Develop an advertising strategy objects on the basis of investigations
• Development of PR company
• mediaplanning
• Writing press releases, news
• Analytical reviews of real estate market

In addition, the department provides services for the conclusion to the market and develop a strategy to promote specific projects, as well as the development of PR and advertising company of real estate.

Moreover, we offer our cooperation newspapers to provide analytical reviews of real estate markets regions of Ukraine participated in the discussions and the provision of news.

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