The main methods of collecting information

We will familiarize you with the marketing research of the real estate market, conducted by the company "RealExpo". You have the opportunity to purchase a finished study or order an individual study on your subject by sending an application.

1. Desk Research
Desk research - treatment of an existing secondary data (research at the desk "). The secondary information - data collected earlier for purposes other than those solved in the present problem.
Advantages: low cost, since it does not need a collection of new data collection speed of the material, the presence of several sources of information, the reliability of information from independent sources, the possibility of a preliminary analysis of the problem.
Disadvantages: not always appropriate for the purposes of the study because of a general nature, and may be obsolete; methodology on which the collected data may not correspond to the objectives of this study.
The results of desk research to enable:
• Analysis of the potential of the company, analysis of competitors,
• Situational analysis of market behavior
• Assess the market size, the volume of the target audience,
• Identify areas for further research, that is, techniques, volumes, etc.

2. In-depth interviews
In-depth interviews - informal personal interviews conducted by prearranged plan and based on the use of techniques to encourage respondents to a long and detailed discussions of interest to the researcher range of issues. In-depth interviews requires the respondent to obtain detailed answers to the questions of marketing research, rather than filling out a formal questionnaire. In-depth interviews are performed by qualified specialists - a psychologist, whose mission - to understand the true attitude of the respondent to the discussion.
In-depth interviews conducted in person in a special room in the absence of unauthorized persons. In-depth interviews can last from 30 minutes to 3-4 hours depending on the tasks of marketing research and the characteristics of the respondent. Most of the deep survey involves interviewing one person.
In-depth interview is available as a video and audio interviews. Record is treated as a result of which the researcher receives the text of the interview (transcript). On the basis of the transcript written analytical report on market research. Video recording is also used in order to take into account when analyzing non-verbal reactions of the respondents.
Method of in-depth interviews used to address the following research objectives:
• portrait and consumer behavior;
• Exploring the consumer attitude towards real estate, brand names, manufacturers, services;
• search for unoccupied niches and new product development, services;
• Conformity Assessment of existing product market requirements;
• testing of promotional materials.

3. Hall-tests (questionnaires face-to-face)
Hall-test is a special method used in conducting quantitative market research. It is based on survey respondents to clarify their perceptions about the product, service, name, trademark, etc.
Hall-tests can be used for the following tasks:
• identification of the most essential characteristics of the property at its market positioning
• identify areas for improvement
• Testing options for the individual properties of the future of the property (for example, filling the shopping center)
• Testing options for names and brand image


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