Concept of property development

We will familiarize you with the marketing research of the real estate market, conducted by the company "RealExpo". You have the opportunity to purchase a finished study or order an individual study on your subject by sending an application.
The marketing concept of property is a working document that enables the future or the present owner to obtain a comprehensive picture of the most efficient and cost-effective option to use the object in order to maximize yield and minimize the risks of the project.
With years of experience and knowledge in real estate, the employees of our company will carry out the maximum depth study of real estate market, analyze the pros and cons of the location of the property (land, a separate building or an entire property complex) and on the basis of the investigations will develop the concept of best forms of development of your property.

Structure of the document "The concept of effective development of the property:

1. Marketing support the idea of development property
2. Analysis of the transport infrastructure
2.1 Access roads, connection to the main transport routes and train stations
2.2 Public transport, mashinopotok
2.3 Individual Transport
2.4 Pedestrian flows
3. Detailed analysis of competition, the existing and possible future
3.1 Working in the market of the company
3.2 marketable projects
3.3 Application to the implementation of projects on the market
4. Marketing analysis of one or more segments of the real estate market in Kiev (or another city)
The object of analysis can serve the following segments of the real estate market:
4.1 Residential Property Market
4.2 The market of office real estate
4.3 commercial real estate market
4.4 Market hotel real estate
4.5 Market Warehouse Property
4.6 Market cottage real estate
5. Identification of consumers. Task analysis of demand and consumer preferences - is carried out based on the results of field research or a series of in-depth interviews
6. SWOT-analysis
7. The concept of development property
7.1 The Ideology of the project, its main difference from competitors
7.2 Portrait of the consumer
7.3 Zoning the building or
7.4 Recommendations on the number of storeys of the object (s) of real estate
7.5 Recommendations for zoning areas of the object (s) of real estate
7.6 Recommendations on possible additional infrastructure facilities
7.7 Recommendations on pricing
7.8 The main technical and economic indicators for the concept of property


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