Investment memorandum

Marketing and consulting services in the real estate market from the company RealEkspo.
Investment memorandum - a document that contains all the necessary information for the investor. In a memorandum addressed all major aspects of the company, and the expediency of investments in this economic entity. In fact, the investment memorandum represents an abbreviated business plan and marketing support, which provided a potential investor. After consideration of the investment memorandum, the investor makes a decision on further cooperation or termination of contacts with the company-initiated project.

Approximate structure of the investment memorandum:

1. Chapeau (summary);
2. Overview of industries (sector, which employs the selected company);
3. Information about the company;
4. Production and products, services;
5. Marketing and distribution channels of products;
6. Management and staff of the company;
7. Other corporate matters that may be useful for potential investors;
8. Financial information;
9. Financial plan;
In conclusion, sum up and give the conclusions, suggestions, recommendations.


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