Home staging

One characteristic feature of the crisis, which experts point around the world - increasing the time it takes for you to sell the property. It happens that the market prices adjusted slightly, but losses due to long waiting transactions are measured in millions. Home staging - one way to sell your property faster.

Home staging-the secret of a quick sale of houses, apartments, villas
Until now there was only one obvious way to accelerate the sale of the house: to reduce the price on it. But who wants to lose money? So it appeared, and alternative.
The literal translation of the phrase home staging - «Organization of home," but this term does not disclose the dry substance. The word home is used no accident, because the task of the specialist is precisely in the fact that some faceless property "to make a home" for the buyer.

Work of the stagers can be regarded as a marketing tool. Their function is to advance offered for sale house and do it with minimal costs. Increasing the value of the object is not an end in itself, but noted that money grows on average by 6%. For this object must first be brought to the mind, and then the first time may be for sale. Also, the faster the home sells, the more money will be saved on advertisements.

  • Professional advice and restyling of the project - starts from $ 150
  • Cleaning
  • Repair
  • Furniture and home decoration
The cost of a full range of services -  could be 1-1.5% of the estimated value of the object

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