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Estate Agency REALEXPO - Agency of the new formation

Our advantages:

     * A comprehensive, unique information about real property from original sources;
     * Work exclusively in the interests of the client;
     * Advising on the basis of knowledge of the real situation in the country real estate market;
     * Realtor service for free for customers
     * Modern methods of selection and presentation of real estate
     * Comfort
     * Selection of the set of proposals from a huge database
     * Free online consultation by phone or by e-mail
     * Saving time
     * Support of transactions;
     * Financial security of transactions
     * The real issues
     * The largest and "fair" base cottage settlements, new buildings in the suburbs, real estate abroad
     * Flexible pricing
     * Confidentiality
     * Transparency

   Operational office hits (application to view)


     * Sale of real estate in the cottage house
     * Sale of real estate in new suburbs
     * SALE-LEASE suburban real estate, land on the secondary market
     * SALE-LEASE foreign real estate (primary and secondary market)
     * Expert evaluation of properties

Transaction Services

Services for Buyers:

     * Selection of options the buyer's request
     * Providing information on the proposed options
     * Organization and conducting hits object
     * Legal support of transactions
     * Provision of guarantees of legal purity of the transaction
     * Mortgage Lending

Services for Sellers:

     * Check out the expert on object
     * Professional advice
     * The market valuation of apartment
     * Legal expertise apartments
     * Organization and conduct of hits
     * Negotiations for and on behalf of the seller
     * Collection and preparation of documents for the transaction

In the first place we always had and put the wishes of our customers. We value our reputation and hope that by contacting us, you will be our client for a long time, encouraging our real estate agency to friends and acquaintances.
One of the basic principles of our work - an individual approach to each client.
Estate Agency REALEXPO guarantee financial security and efficiency of transactions, providing legal guarantees, and full coordination with partners in the transaction: banks, insurers, appraisers, contractors.
Estate Agency REALEXPO totally accompanies the client until the signing of the act of transferring property from the seller to the buyer and handed over.
You can use the service, which analogues of the real estate market does not exist, both in terms of quality and speed of its provision, and with the position of best value.

Collaboration with the developers of cottage settlements and building sites in the suburbs:
Currently in Ukraine fully discredited itself ineffective method of sales through the involvement of a number of real estate agencies without giving them exclusive rights for selling homes.
The sad experience of recent years shows that the reluctance of Realtors compete with each other leads to the fact that their efforts to move the cottage village close to zero, but the result of sales of 99% of it.
This trend confirms the belief in the need to provide "exclusive right" to implement the households of one professional company and the parallel formation of an effective sales team, directly controlled by the investor / developer.

Services to sell homes in cottage settlements:

     * Terms of reference for designing the sales office;
     * Selecting optimally convenient office locations;
     * Develop an architectural concept, the corresponding general style of the village;
     * Involvement sales management consultants, professionally trained, have experience in projects (specialists);
     * Organization of advertising and PR-campaigns;
     * Recommendations for the preparation of demonstration materials (brochures, folders and accessories in the corporate style);
     * Recommendations for the preparation of a video presentation;
     * Ongoing analysis (real time) the current sales figures;
     * A systematic record of customer on performance;
     * Monitoring of the real estate market trends and similar projects;
     * Organization of effective work with realtors;
     * Ensure the proper tempo ( "climate") sales.

Analysis of sales figures and market monitoring allows to make quick adjustments to the concept of promotion of the project on the market in a timely manner and make recommendations to change the pricing policy and forms of mutual customers.
Attracting buyers for the cottage settlement must be based on a detailed plan, which provides various options for the project under certain scenarios suburban real estate market.
Planning - a strategy to attract customers based on standard techniques, which each time adapted to the specific project.
Strategy to attract buyers in the cottage village is the basis of comprehensive brokerage services provided by the Academy REALEXPO.

The objectives underpinning the strategy, based on the concept, marketing strategy and include the following elements:

     * Time start of the project to attract customers;
     * Task Force: a mass or a chosen segment;
     * Methods of work: personal presentation, mass mailing, etc.
     * The consultants, architects and brokers, working in one project, always carry out the exchange of information, which is another argument in favor of selecting a professional consultant for the implementation of built cottages.


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