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Now Ukraine is the rapid development of real estate market. All new and new profile and non-core developers, investors and financial institutions, landowners and builders face the real estate market with their projects. As part of this little experience in the development of Ukrainian market, increasing competition and volatile market conditions were prerequisites for the development of consulting in the real estate market, which is currently experiencing the same robust growth. In the west, where the real estate market has a rich history, no development project is not without prior professional advice - whether commercial or residential real estate. Like all that came to us from the west, real estate consulting acquired its distinctive features, trends and complexity. The purpose of this review is to understand the specifics of the market of consulting services in real estate.

Trends in the market of consulting services in real estate

The high dynamics of the consulting market. With the increasing number of projects, residential complexes, suburban towns, commercial and office centers is growing competition, and, consequently, the need for quality market-oriented concept of the project.
Most of the advice in the residential segment accounts for suburban markets, where competition is higher and the success of the project is determined by the quality indicators of the project, and the fact that there is not a promising area for construction.
In the segment of commercial real estate - retail, office, hotel and warehouse, the most stable and "understanding" the demand for consultants. The specificity of the commercial real estate consulting lies in the fact that consultations determine the future "implementer" of the project.
The need for consulting services are beginning to experience the regions. Understanding and comprehension of the tasks of consulting only comes, and the bulk of the consultations so far have the projects of Kiev real estate companies in major regional centers, but it already was a prerequisite of growth in demand for consulting services.
Parallel with the growing demand for real estate consulting and growing number of companies providing services to create concepts, analytical research, investment and Valuations Consulting. In this regard, the current cost of consulting services in real estate practice is not growing
The level of confidence in the consultants reduced due to the unscrupulous market participants. Lack of responsible consultants, reliable ratings of consulting companies, the youth market and a small number of reputable brands that contribute to the emergence in the market for low quality, which undermines confidence in the consulting.
The most popular and high-quality consulting services in real estate provides real estate companies that possess the only reliable, customer-oriented, resulting from his experience about the market.
The expansion of consulting services in consequence of that there are all new services to customers - is the creation of express concepts, subscriber support, services for promotion and the increasing integration of consulting with project development.

Why do consulting for real estate apply to real estate companies

Real estate company focused expertise only on consulting in real estate. Knowledge of the potential client, the availability of statistics on the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of demand - allows the realtor to provide quality consulting services.
Fairness in assessments and independent professional expert position - are the main advantage of consulting from realtors. Realty company engaged in the selection of properties for a particular client represents the representative of the interests of the client and is considering real estate as an independent expert and not as a vendor specific object, under which selected buyers.
Active market position of Realtors, the availability of information not available in open sources can be extensive and most reliable statistics for subsequent analysis. First of all, information on demand, consumer preferences, during the sales object and the perspective of new projects to market.

The complexities of Ukrainian market of real estate consulting

The desire of customers in the development projects guided by their own internal factors, rather than on market demand.
Appeal to professional consultants in the later stages of the project makes it impossible to address many strategic mistakes of the concept.
Lack of market practice of placing the responsibility on professional consultants, which leads to the emergence of non-professional activities, which undermine the credibility of the consulting companies.
The reluctance of customers to a non-standard innovative ideas and a desire to orient the development of concepts on the existing supply market, rather than on demand and consumer preferences.
Reluctance to follow advice if they are contrary to the subjective opinion of the customer. This typical error is usually characterized by small and usually non-core businesses, who understand the development project not as a business, and the possibility of self-realization of the investor.
Dissociation of analytical data and estimates from different companies in consequence of the closure of the market and the lack of uniform standards. This complexity is not unique to the consulting market, but the entire real estate market in general. In consequence there are no uniform classifications, geographic cluster policy evaluation and data analysts differ.

New directions for development consulting in real estate 
Fee development (wage Development).
  • Land development (Development of land and sell it as a draft).
  • Redevelopment (repositioning of the object in order to increase liquidity).

Recommendations for effective cooperation with consulting companies

Appeal to the professional consultants at the stage of site selection. Is it advisable to consult when a number of decisions adopted?
Willingness to accept the position of professional consultants. Otherwise, why pay?
Appeal to the consultants, realtor, specializing in a particular segment. Consultant in economy class is unlikely to be able to develop an adequate concept of the elite settlement, and commercial real estate consultant to develop a strategy to move the residential complex.
Order an integrated concept of development in just a few consulting companies. Reduce risk and an opportunity to compare the position of expert professionals. Ability to choose the best.
Subscriber's support of the project selected consultant. Consultations are needed not only at the stage of creating the concept, but also in the process of project
Bookmark mechanisms responsible consultant at the stage of consultation. Involving a consultant to the sales of the object. The company responsible for implementing the project, will never offer it's difficult concept of non-liquid

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