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Analysis of investment projects in real estate, business plan development, creation of financial concepts, assessing the investment attractiveness of objects - this is not a complete list of activities provided by consulting companies in the field of investment consulting in real estate. Investments in projects of residential and commercial real estate related risks, but justified the high level of profitability. Ensure the whole process of investment project management in real estate can only be a professional developer. In this context Consulting acquires the function to minimize the risks of the investment project by providing an independent expert opinion. Investment consulting services may be of interest to both investors and the developer or landowner.

Investment consulting for investors

Favorable investing for profit depends on the ability of the investor to find the best way to implement the investment project. Investment consulting services may be of interest to banks, financial-industrial groups, investment companies and non-core investors. For the investor the value of investment consulting is to obtain an independent expert opinion on an investment. Investment consulting in real estate as an investor is required at the stage of selection of investment objects, and when deciding to join the investment project.

Investment consulting services for investors:
- Examination of the project;
- Selection of the object of investment;
- Development of financial project concept;
- Evaluation of investment attraction and marketing projects;
- Comprehensive research of real estate market.

Investment consulting for developers

For real estate companies Investment Consulting is the largest range of services, the value of which is to provide an independent professional consultant expert opinion on the development project. Services of investment consulting developer is advisable to use both at the stage of selection of land, and the stages of project concept and its implementation.

Investment consulting services for the developer:
- Analysis of the best and most efficient use of the territory;
- Development of a full and detailed project concept;
- Attracting investment in the project;
- Development of financial project concept;
- Subscriber consulting support of the project;
- Development of a business plan project.

Investment consulting for landowners and property owners

Depending on the business objectives of customer service, investment consulting for landowners may provide a different range of solutions, from concept development and management of land-pool concept of redevelopment of existing property to increase the liquidity of the object by creating a concept of its development. Thus, the area may enter the market as an investment, not as a plot. And for the owner of the existing facility is an opportunity to raise its profitability or convert it to another segment of the real estate market.

Complex investment consulting services for landowners includes:
- Development of an integrated concept of development of the Territory;
- Comprehensive market research of real estate;
- Development of the concept of redevelopment of existing property;
- An assessment of the facility and develop recommendations to improve its liquidity;
- Development of financial project concept and evaluate its investment attractiveness.


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