Consulting in Real Estate

In this area specialists "RealEkspo" provide consulting services on suburban and overseas real estate. The work is conducted, in particular, to conduct market research and concept development with the provision of financial analysis and development of architectural pieces. Also, under the direction of consulting, offered cooperation in the implementation of land in suburban sites and foreign real estate and in the field of advertising and PR. Even contributing partly to the algorithm work with real estate, we do it professionally, going individually to each project.

Core  consulting services:

1. Ekspress-analiz/analiz area, a local area of the site.
2. Determine the best use of the site.
3. Marketing research real estate market.
4. Defining the competitive environment.
5. Conduct targeted surveys among potential consumers of the future object.
6. Developing the concept of the object based on the results of the studies.
7. The class definition, the format of the object, the distribution of major functional areas.
8. Defining the target audience of the project, how it moves in the market, market.
9. Financial analysis, financing schemes.
10. Sketch technical idea of the project (landing on the master plan, floor plans, sections in the program Auto Cad; 3D visualization).

Cost of services: price range - from 5 000 to 50 000 USD (depending on the points above)

Work accomplished: available on paper (A4) and electronic media (the amount varies from 60 to 400 pages, 12 size font with single spacing).
Market research include desk research, descriptive study area and local area, field research surveys.
Razabotannaya concept assumes a complete description of the future object, financial analysis, 3Dvizualizatsiyu several angles and floor plans to scale the program Auto Cad.



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