Business Planning

Business planning - is a universal tool for predicting the future.
Business planning promotes the development goals of the organization, how to achieve these goals, minimize business risk, motivating the team, getting a loan.
Our specialty - business plan, feasibility study (feasibility study) project to obtain credit or attract investors. We will help you compile and write a business plan in accordance with international standards, UNIDO, and in accordance with the requirements of the Ukrainian credit organizations, international and Ukrainian investors and banks.

     * Business planning is especially necessary if your company decides:
       expand or modernize production
     * Open new directions
     * To participate in a joint venture
     * Develop new markets or products
     * Get a loan or investment

For all of these activities require substantial financial investment.
Universal means of assessing the effectiveness of such investments is a business plan.

All business plans are based on international methods of UNIDO with the use of professional licensed software product «Project Expert 7

In accordance with the standards of UNIDO structure of the business plan should include the following sections:
1. Project summary
2. Description of company and industry
3. Description of goods (services)
4. Marketing and selling products (services)
5. Production Plan
6. Organizational plan
7. Financial Plan
8. The direction and effectiveness of the project
9. Business Risks
10. Applications

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