Advertising Agency

Advertising agency RealEkspo provides services for placing advertising in the press and the Internet.

Advertising agentcy REALEXPO providing a comprehensive set of advertising services for REAL ESTATE OBJECTS in Ukraine:
  • production of exterior and interior advertising,
  • production of promotional materials,
  • rental of outdoor-media;
  • advertising on public transportation (buses, shuttles, trolley buses, trams);
  • advertising: in the metro (leaflets, light panels) in land transport, in print, on TV and radio;
  • design,
  • creative production of advertising products.

We will help organize special evens t, both in Ukraine and abroad!
We will assist with printing and promotion of corporate magazines!

We save your time!

• Benrfits for client and principles of our work:
Using years of experience in advertising and media
Effective solution of the Customers' problems
Achieving results
Individual planning

• Strategic planning:
Media planning
Media placement
Outdoor Advertising
Sponsorship Packages
Non-standard accommodation
Expert evaluation and analysis of your advertising company

• The reasons why clients  trusted us:
  1. Competence and experience: we know how to work well
  2. The complexity of services: from one location to polnomashtabnoy advertising company
  3. Otvetstvinnost: we work on results rather than process
  4. Responsiveness: We appreciate your time. I know how to work "for yesterday"
  5. Quality service


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