Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc in Kyiv City Council requires a moratorium on land allocation

18.01.2011 09:43
Property News | Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc in Kyiv City Council requires a moratorium on land allocation Parliamentary faction Yulia Tymoshenko in the Kyiv city council requires a moratorium on the allocation of land in Kiev before the new master plan of the capital. This was stated by a member of city council committee on land tenure, town planning and architecture, the leader of the BYuT faction in the Kyiv City Council Tatiana Melikhovo, According to the press service of the faction.

"Threat of the shadow of land distribution in Kiev had existed before, but now, after the fatal for the capital of the Law" On regulation of urban development, it further strengthened ", - said T. Melikhovo, adding that the capital is a constant disregard for the interests of the community.

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"BYT convinced that while in Kiev will not be adopted a new general development plan that is expected later this year, it is necessary to introduce a moratorium on the allocation of any land in the capital", - said T. Melikhovo.

The MP explained that the only way people of Kiev will be able to control the process of land allocation, because it would not occur randomly in the interests of developers, and promulgated in accordance with the General Plan. Following the adoption of a public review of the draft Master Plan will be aware of all the planned developments, which will be to challenge all lawful ways, including through picketing.

"At least the people of Kiev will be exactly know where to expect the construction cranes, and will be ready for it. In all other cases, the allocation of land to be shady and hidden from the public, and the appearance of construction sites in the courts or in the green areas would be a surprise for an unprepared community, - said T. Melikhovo.

"Adopted on 13 January by the Verkhovna Rada the law allocation of land is actually transferred to the non-public sphere, without the right people of Kiev and their elected representatives - MPs - to take part in this process, no matter under discussion, or at the decision. For example, if before the public hearing on the discussion of urban planning documents were irregular, but gave the people of Kiev on the future building and at least to some degree given the opportunity to influence the development process, today, this hearing does not provide even formally. It is a testament to the onset of self-government ", - said T. Melikhovo.

As noted in the block, BP adopted the Law "On regulation of urban development." In favor of it voted 296 deputies. Faction BYT-Fatherland "in BP did not support this bill.
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