Yanukovych signed a law on property division in divorce

28.01.2011 13:37
President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych signed a law "On Amending Article 61 of the Family Code of Ukraine concerning the objects of the right common property of spouses. " Under the new rules, joint property of spouses are home, purchased by any of the spouses during the marriage as a result of privatization and land, for free any of the spouses of state or communal land ownership, including privatization.

The author is a law that was passed in Parliament on 11 January, the deputy from the Party of Regions Yuri Miroshnichenko paid attention that the Family Code adequately covers such issues as ownership of the salaries, pensions, scholarships, other income of a spouse. At the same time remains not settled the question of matrimonial property rights on land, free of charge received by the husband or wife during marriage. As a result of uncertainty in the divorce and property division courts differently applied the law.

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Under Article 60 of the Family Code, property acquired by spouses during the marriage belongs to the wife and husband on the right of joint ownership. This rule is also valid if one spouse had no good reason independent earnings (income).
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