Where will develop Kiev?

06.10.2010 21:34
Property News | Where will develop Kiev? Director of the Institute "Grazhdanselstroy Alexander Chizhevsky said at the round table" Problems and Prospects of the Kiev metropolitan area "that suburban area of Kiev - is the 503 villages in the territory of which can be vigorously pursued the construction of recreational facilities. Under the Memorandum, approved by city council on September 17, planning to develop housing on the south / west: the Peter and Paul and Sophia Borshchagovka.
Logistics centers to be built in the village. Glevaha.
Zone reserved for industrial development in Dymerke Brovarskiy area in Vyshgorodsky direction and along the slopes of Zhitomir.
Discussed in the statement of Alexander Chizhevskogo and crossings on the new ring road in Zhitomir and Odessa areas.
Victor Kovalenko
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