When buying land will be required income tax return

05.07.2011 14:07
Property News | When buying land will be required income tax return Under the bill, on the land market, buying land buyer will have to submit a declaration on their income, said the head of the State Agency of Land Resources Sergei Timchenko. "Buying a piece of land, the person will need to provide a declaration will be clearly indicated his sources of income" - he said. According to Timchenko, this requirement should eliminate the possibility of concentration of land holdings in one of the owner through an affiliation of persons. "This is not that someone gave money, and someone bought something. The person will be required to show the money for which he plans to buy land, "- he added.

As the president of the association "Land Union of Ukraine" Andrew Koshil, who participated in drafting the bill, the maximum amount of land that will be able to buy one buyer, depending on the region will range from 900 to 2.1 thousand hectares. According to him, the maximum size of a plot of land will be 900 hectares in Transcarpathia, while for the steppe zone and polustepey he will be maximized. The expert also noted that the right to purchase land parcels will have only individuals or farms. According to him, the restriction will apply not only to one person.

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"If it is a family where the wife and the husband will be areas that such a concentration can be suspended", - he said. Koshil also said that preventing the concentration of land in few hands, and should promote Ukrainian antimonopoly law.

For the record: June 17, Yanukovych has promised that in 2012 Ukraine will have to work the land market. June 20 The Cabinet of Ministers approved a draft law "On the land."

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