The Verkhovna Rada is proposing to increase the area of nontaxable housing

04.11.2010 19:07
Parliament Committee on Taxation and Customs Policy proposes to increase the limit of the area of real estate that will not be taxed on the property: for apartments - from 100 to 120 square meters, for residential buildings - from 200 sq.m to 250 or 300 square meters. m Прослушать На латинице This was reported by Committee Chairman Vitaly Homutynnik Committee meeting on Wednesday, commenting prepared for the second reading of the draft Tax Code changes, says Case.

"We have increased the threshold for apartments from 100 meters for a family of up to 120 meters, at least, we will increase the threshold for residential buildings up to 300 and possibly up to 250 sq ft," - he said.

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In addition to being chairman of the committee explained the procedure for collecting the tax on real estate under the draft Tax Code: the function of calculating this tax will be borne by the State Tax Administration of Ukraine (STA), and not the taxpayer.

"The tax takes data from the unified state register of real estate, she calculates how the family is a privilege, or what should be the tax base, and before April 15 of the year provides an account that the family must pay" - explained Homutynnik.

In turn, after giving the said account provided by another 3 months for its approval and another 3 months for its payment, the payment must take place somewhere around October 15 of the year "- said Homutynnik.

"This mechanism will not cause people to count their area, make edits, do the work, which should not they have done. These responsibilities should be undertaken by the state ", - stressed the head of the committee.

At the same time, he noted that the introduction of the tax committee proposes to move in 2012 to provide a year to create a unified property registry, under which benefits will be calculated, as well as the tax base for property tax.

According to table amendments to the draft Tax Code, considered at a committee meeting, the rate of tax for flats area of more than 300 square meters and houses more than 500 square meters. m should not exceed 1% of the minimum wage established on 1 January of the year.

At the same time, for the apartments, whose total area exceeds 300 square meters. meters, and houses, whose total area exceeds 500 square meters. m, the tax rate is provided at 2,7% in the minimum wage established by law as of January 1 (tax) year.

As reported at the meeting Homutynnik parliamentary committees on tax and customs policy to date has prepared for the second reading 12 of the 17 sections of the draft Tax Code.

Recall that the Ukrainian parliament on October 7 supported the first reading of the draft Tax Code, introduced by the Cabinet.

Earlier Homutynnik reported that a draft document for the second reading made more than 4,500 proposals for processing which will take time. Parliament Speaker Volodymyr Lytvyn forecasts that the Verkhovna Rada will begin consideration of the draft Tax Code in the second reading at the plenary week, which will be held from November 16 to 19.

As previously reported, the tax on real estate under the draft Tax Code should not, according to senior partner of law firm Arzinger Timur Bondarev, apply to property that is used as the main place of residence.
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