The Ukrainian parliament passed a bill on the land market in the first reading

09.12.2011 16:31
Property News | The Ukrainian parliament passed a bill on the land market in the first reading The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted on first reading a bill on the land market, extending the moratorium on land sales to January 1, 2013 The bill in first reading on Friday detained 245 people's deputies out of 290, registered in the room.

Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Agrarian Policy and Land Relations Gregory Kaletnik (Party of Regions) said that the bill imposes restrictions on the sale of land, in particular, to buy agricultural land can only citizens of Ukraine.

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In this case, according to the bill, a land not for agricultural purposes may be acquired as citizens of Ukraine and foreign citizens.

The bill also limits the rent of land in one area and one area. Under the agreement, one person, natural or juridical, can not rent more than 6 thousand hectares in one area and not more than 5% of agricultural land in one area. The bill also introduces the rule that one person can buy no more than 100 hectares of land.

In addition, the bill stipulates that "a person who rents the land, must necessarily be registered at the location of the leased land."

The bill proposes the establishment of the State Land Bank - a specialized public financial institution, whose main task will be crediting of agricultural producers on security of land and other property. Under the bill, the State Land Bank will own the exclusive right of the mortgagee of land and will own the right to purchase and sale of agricultural land.

The bill also proposes to create a fund of agricultural land, as one of the funds of the State Land Bank. It is proposed that the government established in the statutes of the State Land Bank of the order of formation, operation and disposition of the Fund reserve the Land Bank farmland.

The bill proposes that the law of the market, if accepted, entered into force on January 1, 2013

G. Kaletnik in Parliament before the adoption of the bill, said the bill takes into account primarily the interests of the villagers, rather than agricultural holdings.

"We are defending the interests of owners of land shares, which, under the Constitution, must dispose of their land and defend the interests of small and medium landowners," - he said.

The MP also noted that the basis of the law is to rent land, rather than buying it.

"We gave the ideology of this law is that the foundation will still lease land, not its purchase. Moreover, we tried all possible methods to maintain the level of agricultural production, because it is - food security. Thus, all of the lease will be retained until completion "- added Mr. Kaletnik.
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