The state intends to select the unused agricultural land

30.11.2010 07:22
The State Duma will consider the bill on withdrawal to the state of unused agricultural land. Adopt such a law before the end of the autumn session the deputies requested personally by the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev. As the newspaper writes, "Gazette", the aggregate issue price in territorial terms - about 40 million hectares are privately owned. The bill was introduced in November 2008 and to date the text is a list of amendments to the Civil and Land Codes.<br /><br />In accordance with the amendments discussed, it will be possible to withdraw from the owner or lessee is not operated for three years or more of agricultural land, if any, are necessary for development. Criteria to unambiguously assign the land to a category not used until the law is not written down, they have to work out the State Duma in November.<br />Antonina Ryabov, observer<br />
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