The residential area «urban» built near Odessa

30.11.2010 11:55
Property News | The residential area «urban» built near Odessa Vice-governor of the Odessa region, Alexander Malin opened the curtain on perhaps the most ambitious project of regional administration, which intends to one stroke solve the housing problem in Odeschine. According to officials, in coming years, the village youth, near Iyichevck to grow a huge settlement with a population of 150-200 thousand people, which is comparable to one of four districts of Odessa. Investor of the project - construction company Runicom-StroyInvest - intends to build a five-story frame-house monolithic economy class, price per square foot which will not exceed 5 thousand UAH. - It is cheaper than in the old Odessa Foundation. In this case, Malin does not exclude that after construction prices will fall even lower.

"The project is part of the state program of providing citizens with affordable housing. Cheapness is achieved providing developer incentives, in particular, he gets free land, and it's free supply of communications. Will further reduce the cost of construction of the new law on the licensing system in the industry, which will be introduced so-called declarative principle of work. According to him, the builders will not have to draw a huge number of permits, but just having owned land to notify the authorities about the start of construction, and then in the same way notify the administration building into operation. This system works quite well in Georgia, "- told us Malin.

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According to one of the initiators of the project - Acting head of the regional UKSa Igor Poludenko - square meters in the village will receive the people standing in line for new housing.
The state will repay them 30% of the cost of purchased apartments. The remaining 70% they will pay for 25 years. If a citizen agrees to fork out for the full amount at once, he will make a 50 percent discount. In the settlement, which has the working title "Zhilmassiv" City ", will create the necessary infrastructure - to sum up his bus route (to Odessa - half an hour away), arranged around the perimeter of parking blocks, and in the quarters themselves entry will be prohibited; smash parks with fountains , a summer cinema, sports. Must be schools and kindergartens.

While the project is in consultation stage, which runs a little slower than expected in the regional administration - pre-empt bureaucratic slingshot. Nevertheless, in the hope oblUKSe already in 2011 to begin construction of the first "urban" area of 23 hectares. During the season, said Poludenko, will be erected 5-6, and even more homes.

In turn, the experts are to draft Governor with cautious optimism. "If all goes well, as they say, this is a serious bid to overcome the housing problem - sure the doctor of economic sciences and a member of the Regional Council Nikolai Shutov. - I would still included in the program for affordable housing creation of state rent houses, apartments which will give a rent at low prices with redemption. This pan-European practice, in Germany, for example, more than 60% of the population prefers to rent rather than own it. "

When building a new satellite Odessa planning vengeance to use modern technology. In particular, the roofs will put solar collectors for water heating and possibly solar panels and wind turbines. In addition, the apartments will be heated with a new production plant ODESKABEL. This is a special heating cables placed directly into the walls and floors. The developers promise that the cables will run in economy mode, consuming electricity only at night when it is several times cheaper. For Ukraine, and the former Soviet Union is the know-how: heated floors in the world produced a few companies - from Norway, Denmark, Finland and Canada. In this case, according to the plant, the Odessa products cheaper overseas counterparts.
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