The Prosecutor's Office challenged the lease of 29.5 hectares in the tract Gorbachiha under construction

13.02.2011 10:48
Property News | The Prosecutor The prosecutor's office appealed to the Kiev District Administrative Court of the capital for the recognition and wrongful cancellation of the decision of the Kiev City Council on December 20, 2007 to lease for 10 years, Ltd. Budіvelny mіzhgaluzevy alliance "(Kiev), plot area of 29.45 hectares for development in the tract Gorbachiha Dnipro area. As reported in the prosecutor's office in Kiev, a city council decision contrary to the requirements of the Land and Water Code of Ukraine, as the land allocated at the expense of valuable natural areas and coastal protection lines Desenka river.

The report noted that the prosecutor's office to protest the illegal decision of the city council rejected.

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According to the city council decision number 1467/4300 of 20 December 2007, "Budіvelny mіzhgaluzevy alliance" referred to an area of 29.45 hectares leased for 10 years for construction, operation and maintenance of business and retail center, housing, office and hotel complex with underground and ground parking lots in the tract Gorbachiha Dnipro district of Kyiv. In particular, an area of 3.04 hectares of land transferred from residential and public buildings, 26.41 hectares of land - at the expense of urban land is not provided in the ownership or use.

This site was selected due to the territory of the Green Zone without the consent of the Committee on Environmental Policy and was introduced the agenda with the voices of the ex-chairman of the Land Commission Alexei Yevlakh, and draft decisions on MPs not heard him.
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