The process of licensing procedures for the construction of the rural regions will be facilitated

15.09.2010 20:38
To simplify the licensing procedures will be regulating the availability of a government planning documentation. For example, 'Urban justification "is no longer a city-planning document," The project of building area "is planned to transfer to the rank of working papers, and after, and did withdraw from the planning documentation. The same applies to the "Project division of the territories - in the words of Igor Sokolov, Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Construction of Ukraine, this paper creates a social tension between the districts and cities. &temp_lt;br /&temp_gt; &temp_lt;br /&temp_gt; According to D. Isayenko, licensing procedures significantly would simplify the possibility of introducing electronic documents. An investor could quietly watch the movement of documents through the web sites. "At the same time it limits the corruption, because everything will be done so that an investor did not go himself to the offices of the authorities", - said Dmitry Isaenko. &temp_lt;br /&temp_gt; &temp_lt;br /&temp_gt; Mr. Isayenko also stressed that to date the question of permitting the procedure is common for cities and for the villages. However, as reported by correspondent, he said: "We want to create a more simplified modalities villages» &temp_lt;br /&temp_gt; &temp_lt;em&temp_gt; &temp_lt;/ em&temp_gt; &temp_lt;br /&temp_gt; &temp_lt;br /&temp_gt;<br />
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