The president dismissed 15 ministers (the list of surnames)

10.12.2010 14:17
President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych dismissed Andrew Klyueva the post of First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine, Borys Kolesnikov, Sergei Tigipko and Viktor Tikhonov with the vice-premier. Appropriate decrees posted on the official website of the president. The President also dismissed the ministers:

Yuriy Boiko (Minister of Fuel and Energy)
Constantine Efimenko (Minister of Transport and Communications).
Dmitry Kolesnikov (Minister of Industrial Policy).
Nicholas Prysyazhnyuk (Agriculture Minister)
Michael Kulinyak (Minister of Culture and Tourism)
Basil Nadraga (Minister of Labour and Social Policy)
Viktor Baloga (Minister for Emergency Situations)
Nicholas Zlochevsky (Minister of Environmental Protection)
Yuri Hivricha (Minister of Housing).
Vladimir Yatsuba (Minister of Regional Development and Construction)
Yuri Yashchenko (Minister of Coal Industry).
Vasyl Tsushko (Minister of Economy)
Ravil Safiullina (Minister of Family, Youth and Sports)
Dmitry Tabachnik (Minister of Education and Science).
Anatoly Tolstouhova (Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers)

The President appointed the following decrees:
Andrew Klyueva first vice-prime minister - Minister of Economic Development and Trade.
Boris Kolesnikov, Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Infrastructure.
Sergei Tigipko Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Social Policy.
Viktor Tikhonov, Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Regional Development, Construction and Housing.
Viktor Baloga - Minister of Emergency Situations.
Yuri Boyko - Minister of Energy and Mines.
Nicholas Zlochevsky - Minister of Environment and Natural Resources.
Michael Kulinyak - Minister of Culture.
Nicholas Prysyazhnyuk - Minister of Agricultural Policy and Food.
Dmitry Tabachnik - Minister of Education and Science, Youth and Sports.
Rearrangements have not touched Ministers: Foreign Affairs, Interior, Defense, Justice, Health.
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