The mayor of Odessa has replaced manual control zemresursov and capital construction

18.11.2010 10:19
The mayor of Odessa Alex Kostusev change leadership in land administration and management of capital construction of the Odessa City Council, informed the management of information. Position Head of Department zemresursov Helena Tyutyunnik took ex-head of that department Irina Kovrizhnykh.<br /><br />In addition, A. Kostusev sacked head of capital construction of Ivan Stas and replaced him deputy chief of UKSa Peter Riabokon.<br /><br />I. Kovrizhnykh led management of land resources to the Odessa City Council in October 2006 caused her dismissal from office in 2006, she called blackmail and "lack of job prospects for the benefit of honest."<br /><br />Interfax-Ukraine<br />
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