The land tax has increased by 50 times!

10.05.2011 17:04
Property News | The land tax has increased by 50 times! Coglasno new Tax Code establishes a fixed fee for the land, if there is no regulatory assessment - in this case, to pay 1% of it. Thus, for the settlement, which is home to 3 thousand inhabitants, it is 0.24 UAH. per square meter. From 3 to 10 000 - 0,48 USD, from 10 to 20 000 - 0.77 USD, from 20 to 50 000 - 1,2 UAH, from 50 to 100 000 - 1,44 UAH 100 to 250 000 - 1.68 USD, from 250 to 500 000 - 1,92, 500 to one million - 2,40 for cities Millionshchikov - 3,36 UAH. Total average growth plates - in 3,2 times. In addition, for cities from 20 to 50 thousand to a million people are set corresponding coefficients. These prices are for entrepreneurs.

According to the deputy director general of the State Land Cadastre of Ukraine Igor Dolinsky, for gardeners, gardeners - the so-called natural persons - the payment is calculated differently. "From the price set for the SPD, take a certain percentage. If the problem within the village, then on what would have to pay a business entity, is taken 3. If the site is outside the settlement, then 5%. Thus, if cottage is located within the city with a population between 500,000 to one million, the "square" (square meter) is 2.4 grn. Multiply that amount by 600 "squares" (6 hectare) and by 3%. There will be 43 hryvnia. Apply appropriate factor, which for a given city is 2,5. It turns out that in this city of 6 hectare vacationers have to pay taxes 107.5 UAH ", - told reporters Igor Dolinsky.

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Thus, the land tax has increased this year more than 50 times.

From paying this tax exempt disabled first and second groups, pensioners, war veterans, Chernobyl, "the family, who are raising three or more children and many others. According to the deputy director general of the State Land Cadastre of Ukraine, earlier this tax was paid twice yearly in equal installments - 15 August and 15 November. Now until July 1, the tax inspectorate must send the tax payer a message. And he must pay it within 60 days after received the payment order. For late payment of tax on the amount of debt accrued penalties in the amount of 0.04% of the debt per day of delay and a penalty - from 10 to 50% of the outstanding amount.
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