The idea of a new format of residential buildings in Ukraine!

17.02.2010 12:22
Property News | The idea of a new format of residential buildings in Ukraine! Program of low-rise residential building settlements in Ukraine was developed ZAO Slobozhanska Budivelna Keramika ". <div style="text-align: justify;">The idea of developing a new format is in the building of neighborhood area 0,5-1 hectares or point construction in areas of 6-15 hectare malokvartirnymi houses for 10-20 families, townhouses for 6 families, cottages, duplexes for 2 families, as well as apartment houses.<br /><br />The program is focused on the means of population ($ 30-50 thousand), self-managed condominiums and energy-saving technologies. It is assumed that the cost of 1 square. meter in such houses will not exceed $ 500.<br /><br />Program developers believe that the low-rise buildings can be built on the outskirts of major cities and satellite towns cities, private sector development within cities and towns, as well as the 20-kilometer zone of megacities.<br /><br />The program also involves the provision of land for construction of houses, supply of communications and the development of model projects for public funds or funds from local budgets. As UNIAN reported, the implementation of the first "pilot" project envisaged in the Kiev region.<br /><br />The company "SBC" noted that the main idea of the project is to consolidate the efforts of government, design, construction companies and manufacturers of building materials for the Management of Land Resources of Ukraine and the effective development of the territories under the low-rise residential development. This will form the real estate market offers that meet the requirements and capabilities of the end user. And, of course, will stimulate the development of the construction industry.<br /><br />February 10, the program was reviewed at a meeting of members of the All-Ukrainian Union of Manufacturers of building materials and products with the participation of Ukrainian Construction Association. To continue work on the practical implementation of this program created a working group.<br /><br /><em> </em></div>
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