The Government intends to establish a state register of people needing shelter

04.02.2011 18:08
The Government intends to establish a state registry of people who have problems with housing and need to improve housing conditions. This was stated today from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Deputy Minister for Regional Development, Construction and Housing Yuri Hivrich during an hour of questions to the government.

"At this point in the queue for housing in Ukraine is more than 1,2 million people. In 2012, the government plans to create a unified state register of people who need to improve their housing conditions. It must be an alternative to the queue for housing, which was in Soviet times. Improved data on how, by what principle will be the selection of citizens, there is not "- said Yuri Hivrich.

He stressed that the objective of the registry system will be collecting and gathering information about individuals who stand in queues at the apartment.

According to him, it is at this stage and will build a proposed new system.

According to him, in 2010 the state budget provides for the establishment of such a registry "as a pilot project in the Kyiv city state administration." To date, the work carried out is analyzed, and information about its effectiveness over time, will be unveiled.
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