The first land auction held in the Crimea

13.10.2010 16:50
Property News | The first land auction held in the Crimea The first land auction in the Crimea will be no earlier than the first dekabrya.Ob, said the head of the Crimean government Basil Dzharty after a meeting of the Council of Ministers of the ARC. "Before December 1 we will not be able to hold an auction. This is definitely one of the biggest issues is the content of budget revenues, which today we have called into question because of the failure to conduct auctions for the sale of land," writes the correspondent.

According to the chairman of the National Committee for Land Resources ARC Alexander Chabanova, only to December 1, 2010 in Crimea will be finalized for the land sales.

"The date of the auction was postponed due to some changes in regulatory acts of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine", - he said.

Previously reported that the Council of Ministers of the ARC approved a list of sites that will be exhibited at land auctions. On this date in the list included 38 lots located outside settlements Bakhchisaraysky, Lenin, Saki and Simferopol district, Armenian and Theodosius, as well as in Greater Yalta.

In this Aug. 31, it was announced that the first auction will take place over the next 30 days.

As previously reported, the majority of the 38 plots totaling 707 ha, which in the early autumn the government intends to Crimea bylopustit with a hammer, is designed for the construction of recreational facilities.

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