The development of housing cooperatives in Kharkov allocated 8 million hryvnia

07.07.2011 09:24
Property News | The development of housing cooperatives in Kharkov allocated 8 million hryvnia The development of housing, housing cooperatives and condominiums association of Kharkov from the city budget allocated 8 million 67 thousand 353 UAH. This decision was taken at the 8th session of the Kharkiv City Council. These funds have been allocated to repair houses the LCD, HBC, AJOAH, repayment of accounts payable for 2010, removal and placement of trash, demolition and kronirovanie dry, emergency tree purchase and installation of playgrounds at local area.
Also at the 8th session decided to allocate 60 thousand UAH for legal and consulting services, the same amount of co-operatives were to carry out promotional and informational work for the establishment and operation AJOAH.
As the mayor of Kharkiv, Gennady Kernes session at the City Council, the development of different forms of ownership contributes to the reorganization of the housing system in Kharkov.

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"Many people today do not understand clearly the goals, objectives and benefits of these cooperatives. And one advantage is that the residents themselves determine the cost of utility bills. Therefore, allocating funds to outreach, we will explain the residents of our city, which they have rights and opportunities - said the mayor of Kharkiv. - The element has confirmed that we must help these associations and to respond quickly to their needs. "
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