The Crimea was given 82 thousand documents on the ground

27.12.2012 09:33
Property News | The Crimea was given 82 thousand documents on the ground Territorial authorities in Crimea State Committee issued 81.7 thousand documents of title to the land. Of these, 39.8 thousand citizens received state certificate and registered 41.9 thousand leases, chairman Reskomzema Alexander shepherds.

The total number of issued documents is 2.5 times more than last year as a whole. Only in November issued about five thousand state acts on the ground: it is a very good result not only in Crimea, but also among the regions of Ukraine.

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According to A.Chabanova, contributed to the success of the introduction of regulations to provide administrative services to citizens, Reskomzem developed a year ago, with the minimal time of execution of documents. For example, an extract from the land registry shall be issued within a period not exceeding ten days, the output of land and inventory information - within five days, etc.
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