The city authorities want to set up road junctions 10 billion USD

19.01.2014 00:45
Property News | The city authorities want to set up road junctions 10 billion USD In the next five years in the capital of Ukraine should appear nearly two dozen transportation infrastructure. Among them - Podolsky bridge, multi-level interchanges at Golosiyivska , Leningrad area , at Shulyavka , Lukyanovka . By 2018 also want to build a tunnel under the Botanical Garden of NAS Naddniprianske highway to street Saperno - Sloboda , and reconstruct the bridge Paton.

Kyiv Development Strategy 2025 envisages an increase in the area of ​​roads in the capital tripled. But all these projects without considering the construction of subway Troieschyna need more than 10 billion USD.

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Experts are convinced that once all the projects will not pull power . In addition, it threatens to turn the city into one big construction site, which would complicate the transport links in many areas. Therefore it is better to focus on multiple projects at one or expensive - subway construction Troieschyna .

One of the most ambitious projects - the reconstruction of the interchange at the intersection of Victory Avenue and street Getman . Now bandwidth emergency Shuliavska overpass is 13-14 thousand cars per hour , after the reconstruction is expected 18,4-22,8 thousand cars . Priority is given to the demolition of the facade corner shop number 5 plant "Bolshevik" coming on Victory Avenue . Work is scheduled to finish in 2017 . Estimated cost - 400 million UAH .

Podolsko Resurrection bridge crossing is also planned to be completed in three years. Congress from the bridge on the Quay - Kreschatitskaya there ( right-bank approach). Necessary to build and race with the left bank of the upper shaft . Only cost of this first phase , which also includes the rise of the arch above the Dnieper , - about 1 billion USD. And further still need to finish the bay bridge Desenka that can be done in one of two ways : through the lake Rainbow Boulevard Perov or along the waterfront to the streets of Balzac.

Construction of an interchange on Golosiyivska area planned for 2015 , the cost - 250 million UAH . First necessary to reconstruct Prospect 40th Anniversary of October , which would require a " cut " of the park , the chief engineer " Kievdormostproekt " Rashid Khalilov . In the future prospect want to expand to 6 lanes and build a flyover opposite the entrance at ENEA . In addition , it is expected to make a branch in the underpass from the metro Exhibition Centre in the lake.

Lukyanovka planned to build two tunnels under the street Artem length of 151 m and 613.5 m ( Hlybochyts'ka directions before crossing streets Kravchenko and Demetrius , as well as on the street Chornovil Podolsko Resurrection bridge). Planned widening of streets Copernicus and Berdichev , transfer tramways Street Demetrius axle streets Copernicus - Berdichevskaya extension roadway Melnikova to five lanes , construction of new subways . The project is scheduled to begin implementing this year.

Also planned to build a second subway station exit Lukyanivska opposite the cinema "Kievan Rus" . Its construction will be carried out simultaneously with the construction of the station Hlybochytska Podilsko Vygurovskoy - line. In this private investor willing to invest that builds shopping mall in the former tram depot Lukianivsky .

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