The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the mechanism of cheapening the cost of mortgages

27.04.2012 15:00
Property News | The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the mechanism of cheapening the cost of mortgages The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, April 25 approved a regulation mechanism of cheapening the cost of mortgages, thereby starting the implementation of a presidential social initiatives related to implementation of the program "Affordable Housing". The commentary ZN.UA Minister for Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Municipal Economy of Ukraine Anatoliy Bliznyuk opened the main details of the program.

In particular, he talked about the main requirements for the potential borrower, and the parameters of the loan - the size of the interest rate and down payment, the maximum value "square" and quantities per person, up to the solvency problems of citizens.

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According to Bliznyuk, "first comers will be able to start the loan in the second half of May." All in all, this year will provide housing for approximately 30,000 people.

Play "first fiddle" in the process at the insistence of Mr. Yanukovich on the eve of local elections will be the local authorities. The mechanism provides for the transfer of functions and powers of the region: housing projects will be selected and controlled local authorities.

The Minister said that the ministry begins to collect proposals of developers ready to participate in this program. According to Bliznyuk, we are talking only about the primary market, the priority - protracted.

To achieve this objective will involve banks I and II (the list of which is available on the website of the Ministry and will soon be posted on the websites of regional administrations).

Term loans of citizens - 15 years, a period of partial compensation - 10 years. The interest rate on the loan may not exceed 16% per annum, while the person is compensated up to 13% per annum, that is, in fact, he pays only 3% per annum. The first payment of the borrower is determined by the internal regulations of banks, but may not exceed 25% of the loan.

Regulatory area - 40 square meters per person or per family of two people, plus 18 square meters on each subsequent family member, but not more than 58 square meters.

The regulatory cost of 1 square meter is set to: Kiev - up to 7000 hryvnia, the Kiev region - up to 5000 hryvnia, the other towns - to 4 thousand hryvnia.

Basic requirements for a potential participant of the program - the need to improve housing conditions and pay.

An upper and lower bounds of solvency for the citizens participating in the program. The upper limit - the maximum average annual income of a family of three in Ukraine hryvnia 400,000 (from 760,000 hryvnia in Kiev to 355 thousand hryvnia in the Ternopil region). The lower bound - average minimum annual income of a family of three in Ukraine 55 000 hryvnia.

During the period of receiving partial compensation apartment should be the primary residence of the borrower. The man has no right to alienate or lease an apartment at all times receive state compensation.

According to Bliznyuk, the person to participate in the program, you need to contact one of the banks on the list and submit a minimum set of documents. After that, the bank analyzes each object, considering the loan and, together with the relevant parts of the governors work out the possibility of partial compensation of the citizen on such a loan.

Next, call selects a particular apartment in a concrete house (sampled at inter-ministerial committee under the Ministry of Regional Development offers local administrations) and sign two contracts: one for the purchase of flats (Member of the program, the bank, the developer), the other - for the payment of compensation (a program participant, a bank, a local government Administration).

The compensation of the interest rate on a loan made by local authorities into personal accounts through the bodies of the Treasury.

Bliznyuk assured that "all possible risks (program) theoretically minimized."
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