The Cabinet of Ministers approved a draft law on land market

21.06.2011 16:30
Property News | The Cabinet of Ministers approved a draft law on land market The Cabinet of Ministers on Monday, 20 June, approved a draft law "land market". This at a press conference the minister of agrarian policy and food Mykola Prisyajnyuk.

"The bill land market was now considered at the Cabinet meeting approved and will soon go to the registration of the Verkhovna Rada", - he said.

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The Minister noted that the buying and selling agricultural land, according to the bill will be Ukrainian citizens, farmers and government in the face or the state land bank or public land.

"We state that the land market - is not necessarily for sale, and, of course, not necessarily buying," - he said.

N. Prisyajnyuk stressed that the land market will operate only between the citizens of Ukraine.

"The owner of the unit to make a stake in a joint venture with the foreigner will not be eligible, a farmer, too, will not be eligible. When buying and selling land to whoever buys the land, should be, according to Ukrainian law, declare the means by which it purchases the land, "- he explained.

According to a press release Minagroproda, in the case of land acquisition cost over UAH 150 thousand. (25-30 ha), the purchaser will be obliged to declare sources of income, according to the law "On prevention and counteraction to legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime or financing of terrorism."

It is envisaged that with the introduction of the turnover of agricultural land to tenant long-term lease of land will give the land as collateral. In this case there will be restrictions on the sale of agricultural land to Ukrainian and foreign legal entities.

"We will stipulate that the lease would be the right mortgage to the bank. If the tenant goes bankrupt, the bank has the right to sell the lease to another tenant or the state ", - explained the Minister.

However, it is planned that the State Land Bank will provide soft loans for the purchase of agricultural land by farmers.

N. Prisyajnyuk also noted that the State Land Fund will concentrate 6.6 million hectares of agricultural land, of which 2.9 million ha are now in stock and reserve outside the populated area, 1.8 million hectares - dead inheritance, 1 4 million hectares - nevytrebovannye units, about 550 hectares - the former land of collective ownership.

With the introduction of market turnover of agricultural lands minister hopes to persuade the owners of land shares than sell the land.

"We understand that today there is such a unique situation, which involved all of us, that during this period no one wants to complete the land reform. Because the owners of land shares they think that they have handed over the land lease and this is their land, but tenants are likely to think differently ... My job today as a minister - not give rise to spontaneous market of agricultural land. We must convince the owner of the land unit, which sold land share is not necessary, but rather the completion of land reform allows a stable income and stable property ", - said N. Prisyajnyuk.

He recalled that for the completion of land reform, apart from the law of the land market, it is necessary to adopt laws on the state land cadastre of fertile agricultural land, the consolidation of agricultural land.

N. Prisyajnyuk hopes that Verkhovna Rada will consider the bill on the state land cadastre at the second reading until the end of the session.
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