Structure Avakova engaged in purchase of protected land in the Kharkiv region

02.10.2010 00:00
Property News | Structure Avakova engaged in purchase of protected land in the Kharkiv region Structure associated with the former governor of Kharkiv region Arsen Avakov, was engaged in buying up land and Chuguevsky Dergachi region Kharkiv region through nominees. About this during a meeting of the Anti-Corruption Committee, said Head of Civil Service for Combating Economic Crimes Research Affairs of Ukraine in Kharkov region, Valery Pakhomov. According to Pakhomov, particularly in protected areas (village Figurovka) 200 people were on 2 hectares of land in the village robin 50 people - similar lots.

When police began to check the structures which engaged in design and purchasing land, it became clear that the design went to the front men. And in different regions of Kharkiv might appear the same people.

Law enforcers have found that people in that package pieces of land were not even aware of the fact that they participate in such schemes. Moreover - never submitted documents for registration of land plots.

According to Pakhomov, then law enforcement officers in conjunction with the prosecutor learned that involved buying the same person. And even calculated the firm, which was at the end of the chain.

"I can call her. This firm "Investor", - said Pakhomov.

Recall, co-founder of JSC "Investor" is Arsen Avakov.

By the way, led by A. Avakov LLC Energy-95 "in 2005 with the advent of Arsen Borisovich in a chair the Governor has received permission to use the subsoil in Kaganova fort.

Then in June 2006, OOO "GCM Denisovsky" paved highway pipeline directly through archaeological monuments, which are under government protection since 1984.

When unauthorized excavation avakovskih wards were damaged cultural layer of the monument, metallurgical complex VIII-X centuries. and a system of fortifications fort, which belongs to Saltov archaeological culture and was founded by the nomadic tribes of the Khazars in the VIII-X centuries BC OOO gas condensate field "Denisov was registered at: Kharkov, Sumy street, 88, on which, by the way," spelled "the Bank" Basis ", JSC" Investor "and a number of other companies belonging to the business group of ex-governor Avakova.
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