State Architectural and Building Inspection will be reorganized in 2011

09.03.2011 16:32
Property News | State Architectural and Building Inspection will be reorganized in 2011 Reorganization of the State Inspectorate of Architecture and Construction Supervision (Gask) will be held until the end of this year, said Chief Gasque Alexander Bondarenko. "Reorganization of Gask could be completed before the end of the year. Issues relating to the reform, does not negatively affect the construction industry. All transmission permits, powers, functions smoothly, we do, we are absolutely ready for this "- he said.

We remind the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych in December 2010 signed a decree "On the optimization of the system of central bodies of executive power, which, in particular. provides for the reorganization of Gask, wrote Building.

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According to Bondarenko, as a result of reforming the status of inspections will increase and she will report directly to Cabinet.

"Status Gasque rises to the level of the central executive authority. This gives Gasque more opportunities in the development of normative documents, bills, independent possibility of their inclusion in the Cabinet, and by the Cabinet to the Verkhovna Rada ", - he said.

Commenting on the law on the regulation of urban development, adopted by Parliament in February, taking into account the proposals of the President and signed by the president in early March, Bondarenko said that the introduction of the Act declaratory of the principle in carrying out the preparatory and construction works for objects with low-risk, imposes additional duties on Gasque Verify the building.

"Declarative principle imposes an additional burden on the Gask to Verify the building. Gasque has become more technological, more professional "- he said.

According to Bondarenko, along with the simplification of licensing procedures in construction will increase the responsibility of builders for the accuracy of the information provided in the declaration: the bill is in preparation.

Bondarenko also reported that a new order legalizing unauthorized construction in the period until 2013, providing for simplification of procedures is expected to be fixed by order Minregionstroya and utilities will enter into force by early April.

"The old order was help the local government of consent for commissioning the object of legalization. As shown, this help local governments interpret their own way, and the minimum list of documents to obtain it, he grew so that in some cities, this procedure does not function. The new procedure requires only a letter from the city planning authorities ", - he explained.

Gasque also plans to hold additional accreditation of organizations that can professionally carry out technical inspection of buildings.

Bondarenko believes that in 2011 the program of legalization samostroev can be administered at least 5 million square meters. m of housing.

"In 2010 was introduced on this program 5.07 million square meters. am I think this year will be no less "- he said.
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